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Top 10 Position holders in CSS Result 2022

Top 10 Position holders in CSS Result 2022

CSS Examination FPSC Result

FPSC is going to announce CSS 2022 toppers from all over Pakistan. Candidates from all over Pakistan have applied for Central Superior Services (CSS) through Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). The expected date from FPSC for the result announcement is the 5th of October which is changed to the 7th of October. There are no prizes for toppers from examining body but if toppers are from some academy, that institute may give some cash prize to their students.

Candidates who have bachelor’s degrees issued by an HEC registered at the university of Pakistan applies for the CSS Examination. Overseas students who have equivalent degrees of the same qualification can also apply for the CSS Examination, but if any candidate has a 3rd division Bachelor’s degree can only sit for the examination if they are joint holders of a higher division Master’s Degree.

The minimum age and qualification to apply for the CSS Examination are 21 years and a Bachelor’s degree with a maximum age limit is 28 years. According to the estimate given by the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan, a total of 8,000 to 10,000 candidates has applied for CSS exams, and on average 5,000 to 6000 are those candidates who appear for the examination and almost 250 to 500 candidates qualify for the written portion of CSS examination and out of these only 100 to 150 applicants to make it to this sacred corps of bureaucrats. There are three chances for the candidates to appear in the CSS examination, no candidate can appear in the CSS exams more than three-time and the CSS exam is conducted in 21 cities of Pakistan. Soon we’ll provide you with the complete result of the CSS examination 2022. Stay in touch with us and keep visiting our website for complete result details.

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  1. Muslim shah says:

    I want to know about css results

  2. Waseem says:

    A-O-A- request for joining for search a government job.

  3. Imran bhalwana says:

    Tell me about critaria I want to do CSS after my bechlor

    1. Majid says:

      Forget css, it’s not worth your time and effort. Checkers and examiners are incompetent af and in some cases I have strong reason to believe that papers aren’t even checked and marks are randomly awarded.

  4. Sher Chaudhry says:

    Sir when is CSS 2014 written test result being announced.