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Top Ten Government Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Top Ten Government Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Here on this page, we’ll discuss the Top Ten Government Jobs in Pakistan 2023. Most we desire to have a job in such a field where we get honor as well as a handsome salary package with other facilities but most people don’t know such fields, so we have developed this page where you’ll have a list of Top Ten Government Jobs in Pakistan.

As we know Pakistan is an agricultural country in Asia, most of the economy of Pakistan is based on it. Despite that, there are various kinds of jobs which are at the top in paying as well as in position.

So here I am going to mention the top ten government jobs of Pakistan.

Top Ten Government Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Top 10 Government Jobs

Medical Job (Doctor):

This job is at the top and a very noble profession. This job needs a knowledgeable, dutiful and responsible person who has all those skills which a doctor possesses. The medical field job is at the top because this job pays an enormous amount.

Product Manager:

A manager who looks after and investigates the development of products for the organization. A product manager is a person who manages intangible products in multiple departments like Railway and etc. They also provide good packages for their employment.

Professor Job:

In the most respected job, a professor is a scholarly teacher who has a high ranking and a professor is fully an expert in arts or science. They manage programs, teach research and publish in the education department. The government pays five times more salary to the professor because this is a more respected and wonderful job.

Assistant Engineer Job:

The engineers conduct inspections, analyze tests, synthesize data, find root causes, and prepare bid specifications. They resolve engineering problems through inspections and this job also has very importance anyone can easily apply if they have a desired level of degrees because this job is also a high ranking and earning the job. Mostly Engineering jobs are available in FWO, NLC, and other engineering companies in Pakistan.

Human Resources Manager:

HR managers develop advice and Implement policies relating to the effective use of personnel with the organization. They are responsible for all over administration coordination and evaluation of human resources in multiple government departments like WAPDA, etc.

Physical Therapist Job:

These are highly-educated health care professionals who help their patients and reduce their pain and also reduce the prescriptions of medicines and their side effects. They have very high packages and highly appreciated jobs because they diagnose and treat through all ages.

Pakistan Newspaper Job:

This job is literally a little kind of different type of job where people mention all the current situations of the country and they publish interesting things in the newspaper which attracts the reader towards it and this job is also ranked as the best government job.

Telecom Job:

This is the job which connects us with a whole of the world means this is responsible for communication with our beloved ones far away. This is science and technology of communication way to transfer information id telecom job. If anyone is interested in a telecom job they send their CV and get the job because the scope of this job is increasing day by day and is highly paying salary jobs.

National Forces: 

Being a part of the army, air force or even navy is itself an honor and respect for the employee. So the profession of being in national forces is also one huge and stable occupation which is being paid as well as largely respected all over the country.

Civil Service:

Being a part of civil services on the provincial and federal government level is one of the most desirable professions for the majority of the people in Pakistan and that is one reason that almost 30,000 people appear in the CSS exams every session to get enrolled in it but only 3000 or so are being selected but the one which is selected enjoys high salaries and authorities.

This is all about the top ten government jobs of Pakistan. To get these high posts one must have to work hard and get suitable degrees, send their CVs if they met their criteria they will hire you.

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