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Police Ranks in Pakistan 2023 Badges & Salary / Pay Scale

Police Ranks in Pakistan 2023 Badges & Salary / Pay Scale

Every job seeker wants to know about Police Ranks in Pakistan and the salary packages because before joining the police force everyone wants to see the rank on which he/she going to sit.

The law enforcement sectors in Pakistan are doing ceaseless efforts and struggling against terrorism and one of the most renowned, famous sector police is having a high reputation all around Pakistan working on a provincial and federal level.

In Pakistan, in every city has its own police working for the safety of citizens. This department works to create safety and save the city from unwanted crimes and control the deteriorating situations which are going on throughout our country.

Their duty is quite onerous and but they are performing and are working like a Trojan to break the legs of crimes and to get rid of the evil of society and cities which are prevailing day by day very quickly and they are controlling these situations and trying to bring the light of peace. Mainly the police department comprises the following departments namely.

Police Ranks in Pakistan

Pakistan Police Departments

Pakistan Rangers, Frontier Corps, Traffic Police, Highway Patrolling Police, Crime Investigation Department, Elite Police, District Police and special branch. These all departments have their own sort of work.

We can say that like all other law imposing departments police department is also playing a vital role in crime investigation, anti-drug squad, the safety of public properties, law enforcement, maintenance of traffic rules and regulations, and many more.

In order to join the Police department, the education level must be matric level for a constable post if one wants to be an officer of a higher level so one must be a bachelor.

The procedure of joining begins with a physical test afterward clear result of the physical test will push the person for a written test and the last interview is conducted.

Let’s tap into the ranks and badges of Police Officers of Pakistan.

Senior Police Ranks in Pakistan:

Inspector General of Police IGP PPO (Provisional Police Officer) BS 22/21
Additional Inspector General Addl. IG/CCPO BS 21
Deputy Inspector General/Regional Police Officer/ City Police Officer DIG/RPO/CPO BS 20
Senior Superintendent of Police/ Assistant Inspector General SSP/AIG BS 19
Superintendent Of Police SP BS 18
Additional Superintendent of Police/ Deputy Superintendent of Police ASP/ DSP BS 17

Junior Police Ranks in Pakistan:

Station House Officer/Police Inspector SHO BS 16
Sub Inspector SI BS 14
Assistant Sub Inspector ASI BS 09
Head Constable HC BS 07
Constable BS 05

Pakistan Police Badges:

These badges are found to be worn by the different grades of Police Officers of Pakistan who are having high grades. Here I am going to show it below.

Police Officer Ranks / Badges

So this is all over about the Pakistani Police Officers and their complete information about their ranks, grades, education status, and badges. If one wants to join this field one can easily join this field.

Police Uniforms in Pakistan:

Every Province has their own designed uniform for its armed forces, here you can see Police Uniforms in Pakistan.

Pakistan Police Salaries / Pay Scale:

In 2023, the salaries of the police in all provinces increased. The increase included 100 percent of basic pay and Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 12,800 of monthly allowance.

More updates related to police salaries will be going to share with our readers

In every province of Pakistan (Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, the Islamabad Capital Territory, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and Gilgit–Baltistan) salary & uniforms of police personnel may vary according to their provisional rules.

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  1. S.Hassan Ali says:

    My education in FSC I want to ASI joint this job

    1. Muhammad habib ali says:

      U cant apply because asi require graduation

  2. Shehryar tariq says:

    An sub inspector can reach up to which post maximam ? Plz answer if anyone knows

    1. Muhammad habib ali says:

      An si could easily reach on iG post.if they capable to do hard work including css exam

  3. Usman says:

    Hi,I m usman can i join punjab police head constable.my qualification is matric

    1. Muhammad habib ali says:

      No,u could only apply for constable

  4. Siraj khan says:

    I want to join sindh police the rank pf ASI how can I apply for this job

  5. Abdullah shah says:

    Hello do I eligible for ASI after Fsc?

    1. Siraj khan says:

      Sir I want to know kn about asi vacancy how can i apply

  6. faisal says:

    hi i want to know how can i apply in job frome your link?

  7. Waseem says:

    Pakistan police is so strong ..

    1. M.zubair hassan says:

      Hello do I eligilbe for ASI after ICS

  8. Zaman says:

    Please please tell me one thing about the facilities and allowances of ASP and SP in police is in these two designations the car will be given if it is then which car I hear the parado.

  9. jam m waqas says:

    I hear that constable rank increas 5 to 7
    Is that true…..?

    1. No, Rank cant be increase they are fix. But this government, as you know…. No body knows what will they do. For now its not changed.

  10. Maaz Inam says:

    The above article where it says pakistan police is doing well to decrease crime is a complete LIE. Pakistan Police is the most corrupt in the world and totally physically unfit, underfunded, poorly educated and poorly trained to do their job properly. Pakistani Cops are most corrupt so most of their time they spend the time mostly commiting crimes themselves. Pakistani Police actually sucks.

    1. Maaz Ahmad Chishti says:

      yes Inam u r right, yet the whole department is not corrupt.. ..although most of them are soo but it doesn’t mean that we blame the name of the department for some corrupt masses…..