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Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment at Home 2024

Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment at Home 2024

As unemployment is increasing daily, many individuals are unemployed even though they have education and degrees; jobs are not available in Pakistan.

To free up relaxation time, the concept of online jobs in Pakistan has become quite famous. It’s one of the convenient sources of earning money at home without any investment.

It has become the easiest way of earning nowadays and students who want to earn money in their spare time are joining quickly by searching them on different websites.

There are also sorts of websites that require investment, and mostly interested individuals hesitate and leave this job. On the other hand, there are some companies that offer different sorts of online jobs that require no investment, and students nowadays are very interested in availing themselves of this opportunity to manage their own expenses.

Most people wonder how to join, so it’s not an onerous task. Just click the websites and go through them; all the information is given to ameliorate the process. There are different sorts of online jobs, such as Free Data Entry, Typing, Networking, and Ad posting, which I’m going to elaborate on one by one with details about what sort of jobs these are.

Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment at Home

Free Data Entry Job:

Free data entry job requires basic knowledge about computer and internet is needed for to perform this work. Free online data entry job is without registration and all we have to copy and paste the given text into various free data entry. It’s easy and comfortable for students more one can post more the amount he/she will get a sufficient amount of this work and is completely free in Pakistan without registration fees.

Ad Posting:

Ad posting job is another online job which is completely free in Pakistan with free registration and number of the people are earning money through it especially students who want to manage their own expenses. In Ad posting job the individuals are provided different sort of ad’s and we have to post these ads on different pages and in different groups of social media. Quite easily, one can do this at home comfortably.

Typing Jobs:

Typing job is another category of online jobs in Pakistan in which the individual has full command of typing and can write words as fast as much as he/she can. Mostly in typing jobs, demand fast typing is considered crucial and more one can write more that person earns money.

Networking Jobs:

Networking job is also one of the best categories of online job service in Pakistan, and its demand is quite high and a number of the posts we see regarding it. This job requires minimum some skills such as. Vmware 5.52, Oracle Linux Administration, Vaeem Backup, English reading, speaking and writing, Skype id and fast internet connections to perform this work.

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is a program run by Google itself that allows publishers to serve automatic text, image, video or interactive media, media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience and these advertisements are managed by Google itself. This job is also free of investment and is provided in Pakistan and number of the people are running this job and earning money through it also.


Freelancer is also an online site on which many people register and work. The working criteria are that certain projects are assigned to those workers and that individuals start working on their projects. On the other hand, some members post jobs online for others to work on, complete projects, and earn their money.

This site includes a number of works, including PHP, Excel, C Programming, PSD to Hotmail, Advertising, Animation, SEO, and much more beyond any one’s expectation. Pakistan is offering this online service to individuals to avail themselves of this opportunity, and many people are working with great interest.


Fiverr is another portal where students can earn by working online at home without any investment. Fiverr is a global online marketplace which provides different tasks and services, and it offers $5 per job performed.

It was launched in February 2010 and it is available in different languages English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese. From the time of its establishment, it has been working brilliantly and its result it this that Fiverr has more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $10,000+.

All you have to do just create your account at Fiverr website and search the category of job in which you are interested to work and start your career with Fiverr. Read Full Article –>

So these are the benefits of online jobs which is offered by our country and benefiting a number of the individuals to earn money for to manage their normal expenses.

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  1. mehak says:

    i need job at home i m graphic desgn as well as web develpment can anybody help me

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      mehak ye jop kahan ur kaisy pta chaly ga ky en ko hmara comments mil gya haiy

  2. Muhammad ASif says:

    AOA, please any person tell me about registration for data entry?

  3. Xaib Aslam says:

    You can search by their names, they are biggest sites.

  4. Mohammad Noman khan says:

    koi bata sakta ha k ye job kis tarhan start hogi mjhe online job ki buhat zayada zurart ha

    1. Xaib Aslam says:

      Please read properly all paragraphs and you will get idea

  5. filzakhan says:

    pls tel me about online jobs????

    1. amir says:

      u need job in home contect me

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        i want job at home ….plz help me

      3. Esha Awan says:

        Free data & ad posting taping job

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    ye job kis terha start ker sakty hen plz tell me

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    ye job kis terha start ker sakty hen plz tell me

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      How I can start this

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      r u found this job reply me

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    kindly specify the link or site from where we can start the inititative

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    give me the website for these jobs.plz

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    how can i get free data entry, ad posting and typing jobs.? ? ? ? ? ? ??