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Check Online Land Records Punjab Property Pakistan

Check Online Land Records Punjab Property Pakistan

It is a process through which you can complete the record of Land / Property online by staying at home or at any place without visiting the Revenue Office.

As we know, the government of Punjab is making many improvements in different sectors/departments under the supervision of CM Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Here on this page, we have another brilliant facility launched by the Board of Revenue Punjab, the Land Record Management Information System, according to which the land record of Punjab will be computerized. For this purpose, there are different record centres that have been established in all districts of Punjab, and currently, record centres are available in 143 Tehsils of Punjab.

Now residents of Punjab can check land records online on a computer/laptop but also where they can via mobile phone through an application developed by the Board of Revenue.

This step will be very helpful in controlling the corruption in this department. Now, everyone can access their property’s information within seconds/minutes, and you can check the Land / Property Records without the interference of any official person.

In the following, we’ll discuss the benefits of the Land Record Management Information System. After that, you’ll have a computer procedure for checking online land records in Punjab property via computer/laptop and mobile phone. If anyone has any confusion about any point, they can call the Helpline at 042-111-22-22-77 for exact information.

Benefits of Computerized Land Record System:

  • Moreover, 5.5 crore land owner’s records will be computerized.
  • Land Record Computerization to rid the people of the Patwari Mafia.
  • Reduced time and cost for issuance of fard and completion of mutation.
  • At least 75,000 fards were issued monthly, and 26,000 (Mutation) registry cases shall be processed.
  • Issuance of Fard will be in 30 minutes, and Mutation (Inteqal) of Property will be in just 50 minutes.
  • Improvement in landowner and land purchaser’s satisfaction level.
  • With the help of a computerized system per month, 75 Crore’s income can be earned.
  • At least 3000 individuals with computer knowledge will get jobs.
  • With the help of a biometric system and verification of NADRA assures the valid record of the property.
  • Most of all, they have the complete trust of the World Bank.

How to Check Online Land Records Punjab Property Pakistan:

  1. To check online land records, you must know the following points:
  • District Name: There are a total of 36 districts in Punjab, and you have to select the relevant district where you are living, such as (Lahore, Kasur, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala etc.
  • Tehsil Name: There are numerous tehsils in every district of Punjab in Lahore district, tehsils are (Raiwind, City, Shalimar, Model Town, Cantt).
  • Area Name: There are different areas under every tehsil.
  • Khewat Number (KHATA Number) / Property Owner Name: The Khewat Number or KHATA Number can be examined from the registry/fard, OR you can put the Owner’s Name, which is also mentioned in the Registry / Fard.

All this information is clearly mentioned in the registry/fard.

  1. While checking online, all you have just to visit first.
  2. You’ll have different options to check at home, such as the District Name, Tehsil Name, Area Information, and Khewat Number.
  3. After providing this information, press the search button, and soon, complete information about property/land will be in front of you.

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How To Check LRMIS Land Search Via Mobile Application:

  1. You must have an Android mobile phone to avail yourself of this facility on a mobile phone.
  2. Download the LRMIS Mobile Application from the Google Play Store.
  3. After installing the application, open it and provide the required information, such as the District Name / Tehsil Name / Area Information / Khewat Number (KHATA Number / Owner Name), and press the search button. Within no time, your desired information will be in front of you.
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