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Best Part Time Jobs for Students and Working Professionals 2024

Best Part Time Jobs for Students and Working Professionals 2024

The mentioned cities of Pakistan have plenty of jobs for Matriculated and intermediate students who have passed their examinations and got positions. For such students, a number of jobs are found in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and other cities of Pakistan. These jobs have different categories and are related to different companies and departments.

Such companies advertise their vacant posts on the internet on different websites and give add-on newspapers so students at the matric and intermediate levels can avail themselves of this opportunity. These jobs are part-time jobs for matric and intermediate students through which they can earn enough amount and in this way, students can work and earn enough amount to manage their livelihood and daily expenses.

The salary is enough for it, and a student can manage his/her minor expenses. salary depends upon the efficiency of work and how much an individual is spending on work.

Part-Time Jobs Vacancies List in Pakistan:

  1. Data Entry Operator
  2. Telemarketer
  3. Tutor
  4. Sales Person
  5. Cashier
  6. Waiter/Waitress
  7. Delivery Person
  8. Customer Service Representative

Part-Time Jobs Salaries in Pakistan:

Usually, part time jobs start at Rs. 20000/—PKR and continue to Rs. 60000/—PKR.

Lahore is one of the best and most populous busy cities and has several golden opportunities for matric and intermediate students, which include such jobs as Female/ male models, Salesgirls/boys, Receptionists, Baby caretakers, Data entry operators, Home tutors, Storekeeper, Computer operator, Drivers, Electricians, Personal secretary, Clerk, Cook, Typewriter, Stenographers, Security guards, industrial jobs and so on. Such jobs are found in Lahore, and students can avail themselves of these jobs and earn some money to manage their expenses and take their responsibility on their shoulders.

Part Time Jobs For Matric, Intermediate Students Online in Pakistan

Karachi is the most developed country where ample job vacancies are present, and companies that need these jobs post their ads on the internet and in newspapers so that students can easily avail themselves of this opportunity and join their part-time jobs to earn money for their expenses.

There are ample companies that need matric and intermediate-level students for part-time jobs, and students never shirk these sorts of jobs and do their jobs with full devotion. These jobs include Babysitters/nannies, Retail Salesmen, Receptionists, IT Technicians, Tag archives, Lab assistants, cashiers in supermarkets, Salesmen, Helpers, electricians, Data entry operators, Tutors, and Personal Assistants.

Islamabad, which is the capital of Pakistan and is the most developed city, has several multinational companies that offer matric and intermediate students various sorts of part-time jobs, and one can see these jobs through the internet and newspapers and select their desired category to do a job.

Such jobs include Data Entry Operator, Typing, Home tutor, Salesman, Receptionist, Telephone Operator, Computer skills jobs, Car service, Shopkeeper, Home based jobs, Industrial jobs, Driver, clerks in institutes, and so on these sort of jobs are eloquent for matric and intermediate students to fulfill their needs and earn a sufficient amount for their selves

Such jobs are extremely beneficial, and students of this level are taking advantage of such opportunities because they give them experience and help them prepare mentally and physically for their upcoming careers.

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