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How To Join ISI As Officer Agent After Fsc (Male & Female) Pakistan

How To Join ISI As Officer Agent After Fsc (Male & Female) Pakistan

How To Join ISI As Officer Agent After Fsc (Male & Female) Pakistan: The ISI is the intelligence agency of the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. They are responsible for the national security of Pakistan and are linked with Pakistan security. In order to How To Join ISI, there are few steps which one can process to join ISI and has both direct and indirect ways.

Its indirect joining requires joining the rest of the armed forces as Pakistan Army, Navy. Officers like, JCO’S/ and S/NCO’S have to apply for admission afterward taking permission from Unit Officer Commanding, they appear in the basic test and try to qualify it after qualifying that test they are sent into Inter-Service Intelligence School and they apply to be posted in fields of intelligence units or in higher positions.

Senior ISI officers as Major’s and above are assigned for two to three years and appointed in ISI and mostly the Director- Generals of the ISI never ever served this organization. Now we are going to discuss the direct method and its steps:

How To Join ISI As Officer Agent After Fsc Inter Services Intelligence Pakistan

How To Join ISI As Officer Agent After Fsc (Inter Services Intelligence Of Pakistan) 2015

ISI Jobs:

For civilians who want to join ISI so the advertisement is handled by the Federal Public Service Commission because the members of ISI are related to the ministry of defense. The FSPC conduct various sort of test to know the amenities of that person whether this person is having the capability to join this field or not. These tests measure some amenities of that individual as creativity, persistence, spirit, IQ level and a person should be able to solve puzzles well.

IQ And Intelligence Test:

This test is basically based on intelligence and the sharpness of one’s mind in order to check the IQ level of that person by giving them some sort of puzzle to solve and tricky questions but especially puzzles are given to solve to measure the intellect.

IQ Tests In General:

IQ tests contain general subject tests which include knowledge, current affairs and analytical abilities, English and some other subjects also. The IQ level must be above the level of 151 and consist of theoretical tests but not only based on this theoretical test other tests are also crucial for determining the amenities of an individual.

After these tests, FSPC shortlists the candidates who are not eligible and sends a list of successful candidates to them and afterward conducts the interview. For those candidates who pass the interview then a fitness test is conducted which includes medical fitness tests and psychological evaluations.

As the individual clears this test then ISI performs a tough background and check the candidate properly before being offered to join ISI.

Recruited individuals are sent to training school before and are employed one year period. Civilian operatives are not allowed to rise above the Major ranks and are allowed to join Joint Intelligence x, Joint Intelligence Bureau, and Joint Counter-Intelligence Bureau department and other departments are headed by armed forces.

So these are the steps through which one has to pass and afterward they have been categorized and assigned to this job of ISI.

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  1. Wahidbajwa says:

    How to join pakistan isi please any one guide me. Since I was born i am interesting to join pak isi but I have no proper idea and guider so I am feeling sad .

  2. Muhammad Usman says:

    I want to join isi for my country

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    I love to join ISI Pakistan because I want to serve my country with my best May Allah fulfill my desire and I will do my best to join this agency

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    Plz sir give me chance and don’t ignore my comment.

  8. Hasnain KhaN says:

    How can I join ISI after Fsc, PLZ guide me And also tell me the test pattern
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  9. Muhammad Sanaullah Azeemi says:

    Born to die
    Die for Motherland
    May Allah give me a chance to die for prosperity of Nation

  10. Khadija bibi says:

    I want to join ISI because everyone thinks I am foolish no body with me I want to prove my self and be a good daughter