How to Apply PPSC Online Application Form (Step By Step)

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Step No 3:  Personal Information:

This step consist of candidate’s personal information regarding name, father’s name, CNIC number, date of birth, native town and so many more.

  • Fill the name column first.
  • Select the gender.
  • Select the religion to which one belongs.
  • Write the correct CNIC number.
  • Write the date of birth.
  • Fill the postal address column accurately and completely.
  • Write you’r mobile or telephone number.
  • Write your email address.
  • Father’s name
  • Domicile
  • Marital status of self.
  • Name of spouse according to marital status it is required.
  • If one is disable person so tick right sign if not tick the wrong option.
  • If you belong to any government employee then mark that province name and your service month and year also.
  • If one have obtained NOC from employee so mark yes if not then write no in the blank.
  • If a person is retired so mark yes as it is asked if not then mark not.
  • If a person is convicted by law or court as offensive if it’s true than mark yes if not true than mark no option.
  • If a person is dismissed from any government sector job if yes so mark yes if no so mark no in the form.
  • If a person is having any criminal record than person have to produce detail at that time of interview.
  • PMDC/PVMC/Engineers/ Advocates registration number is required and this is for doctors, lawyers and engineers only.
  • Registration expiry date is also needed for doctors and engineers only.
  • Finally one have upload his/her picture which should be less than 25 kb in size.

PPSC Application Form Step 3

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