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How to Apply PPSC Jobs Online Application Form (Step By Step)

How to Apply PPSC Jobs Online Application Form (Step By Step)

We will discuss How to apply/fill PPSC Jobs Application Form Online Step by Step. As we all know, PPSC is an organization that is working to recruit civilians in the Government Department working under the Government of Punjab, and it announces many jobs every week. Still, the basic problem is that most students don’t know how to apply for PPSC jobs at its official site.

So, to resolve this problem we have created this helpful post for you. I will tell you how you can apply or fill PPSC application Form at the official website of PPSC; instructions are given in 7 different steps from which you can easily understand how to apply for PPSC Jobs. I will inform you all about the important instructions for filling out the form online; you can fill out the form by following the simple pattern, and I will explain the requirements for filling out the application form online.

We know that this modern era is running on the internet nowadays. Within the blink of an eye, everything comes before use without waiting too long, as people have to wait long to get any information. Still, nowadays, this has become easy as well as instant. So here I am going to share step by step process of filling out the application form online:

PPSC Jobs Online Application Form Steps

Step No 1: Select Post To Apply:

In this step, the candidate must select the post or job you are applying for. Then, write the advertisement and case numbers, and add the qualifications. The total number of posts and specific job position numbers for women will be shown. Then you have to add the experience, pay scale, your age, Research and any Preference


  • Post applying for column comes, and one has to fill this column
  • Write the advertisement number
  • Write the case number
  • Add the qualification
  • Total number of posts
  • Posts are available for women
  • Posts for disabled persons
  • Posts for minorities
  • Write the experience
  • Pay scale
  • Age
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Place of posting
  • Additional requirements
  • Research
  • Preference
  • Fee
  • Closing date
  • Note

PPSC Application Form Step 1

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