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Get Computerized Number Plates in Pakistan LHR, ISB & Punjab

Get Computerized Number Plates in Pakistan LHR, ISB & Punjab

The government of Punjab has announced the facility to get computerized bike and car’s Number plates from Excise and Taxation Department Punjab. Get Computerized Number Plates in Pakistan LHR, ISB & Punjab. Excise and Taxation Department has started this program from 20th November 2014 and all vehicle owners who don’t have computerized number plates should apply and have their own number plates issued by excise and taxation department Punjab otherwise there will be fine if any vehicle found without a computerized number plate. This facility has been announced for all over Punjab and from 20th November 2014 to onward every vehicle has to use computerized number plate which is compulsory. With this program, it’ll be very easy for the department to save record of every vehicle and also it’ll be a very useful facility for the consumer that at the time of trouble he’ll have proof to prove that he is the owner of the bike. In the following, there are some basic instructions for the Vehicle’s owners so read it carefully and apply for the computerized number plate.

Basic Instructions:

  • At the time of Registration, the new number plate of the vehicle will be issued from Motor Registering Office.
  • Those Vehicle Owners who still don’t paid the price of computerized number plates, should have to pay it as soon as possible in the office of relevant Motor Registering Authority that its number should delivered at his home.
  • Those Vehicle Owners who has paid the price of the number plate and they still not get their number plates should submit the application form in the office of Motor Registering Authority and they will send their number plates at their home.
  • Application forms are available at the official site of EXCISE Punjab or can be obtained from the motor registering authority office.
  • All vehicle owners have to transfer their vehicle on their name in case he purchases any vehicle or there is a change in address.
  • It is strictly announced that always use computerized number plate issued by the department.

Price of Number Plate:

  • Car: Rs. 1200/-
  • Commercial Vehicle: Rs. 1200/-
  • Motorcycle: 400/-
  • Auto Rickshaw: 550/-

Get Computerized Number Plates Through SMS:

Here is one another facility announced related to computerized number plates by Government of Punjab and that is this that now Owners of Vehicles can get their computerized number plates through SMS. It first time in Pakistan that this facility has announced and this reward goes to only Government of Punjab who has delivered every time. If you have paid the payment of number plate than you can get your computerized number plate by just single SMS. In the following, you’ll have the complete procedure through which you can get you Computerized Number Plates through simple SMS service.

  • Go into write text option of your mobile.
  • Write SMS like this that first Year and Number of Car or Bike * NIC number * and below this you must mention your name and current postal address.
  • Here is the Sample of SMS (LEV092678*3520265789065*) and then you name and current postal address.
  • Send SMS to 9989.
  • Currently, this service is available only on UFONE.

How to Apply:

  • Application form can be obtained from the official site of Excise Punjab or can be obtained from the office of Motor Registering Authority.
  • Duly filled application form accompanied with a copy of NIC, Registration Certificate, Proof of ownership and photocopy of all vehicle tax till 30th June, 2015 should be submit in the office of Motor Registering Authority.
  • There should be complete postal address mentioned in the application form, so that department will send their number plates through courier.
  • For further information, you can contact on helpline 08000-8786.

Helpline: 08000-8786

To Download Application Form: Click Here

Get Computerized Number Plates in Pakistan LHR, ISB & Punjab

Get Computerized Number

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