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Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World List 2017

As we all are well aware that in whole of this globe not each and every country is in good position economically and is good in all other aspects because there are some countries in our world that are extremely poorest countries, they have no resources very deteriorate countries are there in our world but people are surviving or dying day by day the ratio is increasing but there is no one to look after them.

So here I am going to enlist and describe those countries which are poorest countries of the world.

Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World List 2017 Check Online

Top 10 Poorest Countries

Zambia: Zambia is located in the southern Africa and is considered as the poorest country, The economy of this country depends on the production of copper and the country is having ample of industries but is poor because of improper handling and management. 86% of its population is poor that’s why the country is enlisted in the list of poorest country.

Gaza: Gaza is the Palestinian region and is located on the eastern coast of Mediterranean sea one of the 2nd most poorest country is having lack of employment, poverty. The population of this country survives of manufacture and agriculture resources. 81% population is poor of this country.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe is also located in Southern Africa is the 3rd poorest country of the world approximately 80% population is suffering from poverty because of lack of resources, currency, and shortage of supplies items.

Chad: Chad is located in the central Africa and 80%of its population is living in poverty. The country is having high oil resources but the oil revenues used to but weapons due to this the country leads to poverty.

Moldova: The country is located in the Eastern Europe, The country’s 80% population suffered from poverty and the main source of his economy is agriculture despite it the country is ranked as poorest country.

Haiti: Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola and the population of this country relies on agriculture.

Liberia: The country is located in the West Africa and the country’s condition is destructed by civil wars which have influenced its economy, the economy of this country is based on iron and rubber export but the ration of poverty has raised up to 80%.

Guatemala: The country is located in the central America and is extremely poorest country approximately 75% of the population lives in poverty.

Suriname: Suriname state is located in the north east Atlantic ocean of the South America and is ranked as poorest country. The economy of this country is based on aluminium production but due to foreign exchange trade the economy of this country downs and the country leads to poverty.

Angola: Angola the seventh largest country located in the Southern Africa and the country was rich in natural resources but due to civil wars the economy was destructed and the 70% of this country is living in poverty.

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