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Top 10 Criminals of the World 2018 List

Around our world as good people are lying but as it is said that black sheep are also found everywhere in our world and these evil persons destroy the peace of country and make all the situation worst and it impacts the economy and infrastructure of the world and the people suffers because of this and huge amount of destruction is came in addition for the world. So let’s discuss the top ten criminals of the world who are they.

Top 10 Criminals of the World 2018 List

Narendra Modi:

According to Google Narendra Modi is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India and he is a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party and recently Google issue the list of Top 10 Criminals of World and in that list Narendra Modi is on top of the list because he is involved in murders of numerous Muslims in Gujarat and also involved in the incident of Samjhota Express that he brutally burned the train in which hundreds of Muslims of Pakistan and India we killed and there are many other activities in which PM of India Narendra Modi is involved and due to this he is at top of Criminals List.

Dokka Umarov:

Dokka Umarov was born on 13 April 1964 and is the leader of Caucasus Emirate who got an idea of building Islamic Emirate in Southern Russia. He started his crime as the common Chechen separatist and become the main leader of this crime and afterward as their group reached to Moscow Airport they killed 40 civilians. That’s why he is on the top in the list of worldly criminals.

Joseph Kony:

Joseph Kony was born in August 1916 who is a well-known leader of the Lord’s Residence Army and did this job also in few African countries. The acts of crime started when their troops started replacing 200 million peoples by killing them, sexual harassment of young children, raping and many more crimes he did along with his group that’s why he is enlisted as 2nd most top ten criminal of the world.

To 10 Criminals

Felicien Kabuga:

Felicien was born in 1935 and is Rwandan businessman and did the crime of bankrolling and murdered the 40 million peoples. That’s why he is accused of doing this crime and is on the list of top ten criminals on the 3rd number.

Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov:

Alimzhan is a Russian businessman born on 1 January 1949. He is accused because he is found to be involved in smuggling cases, and other notorious activities which lead to him in the list of criminals of the world.

Nasir- al- Wuhayshi:

This person belongs to the Islamic militant group of Al Qaida in the Arab Peninsula and is involved in a number of crimes and still, he is unknown and all the military and police officers are in search of him.

Matteo Messina Denaro:

This person is involved in a number of the crimes like he killed the Sicilian hotel owner who accused him in case of a womanizer and sleeping with young girls on the bed and for this person is listed in the list of top ten criminals of the world.

James Whitey Bulger:

James Whitey Bulger was born on 3 September 1929 the person has done a lot of murders in his life and he has also done stealing, forgery, assaults and armed robbery also that’s why he is entitled as criminal and his name is shinning in the list of worldly criminals.

Omid Tahvili:

Omid Tahvili was born on 31 October 1970 in Tehran. He did the crime of stealing in telemarketing, wire fraud, mail fraud and is still today dodging intelligence agencies as a leading criminal.

Pedro Antonio Marin:

This person was born on 13 May 1930 he is the beginner of the terrorist organization named “FARC” this organization is involved in drug trafficking, murder, extortion, kidnapping and various criminal activities. Due to this, he was listed in this top ten list of worldly criminals.

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