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Pakistan Army Ranks and Badges, Salary / Pay Scale Information 2024

Pakistan Army Ranks and Badges, Salary / Pay Scale Information 2024

Following are the details related to Pakistan Army Ranks and Badges, Salary / Pay Scale Information 2024 offered to Pak Army Jobs announced for those looking to be commissioned or non-commissioned officer, but before we go towards the Ranks / Badges and Salary Information let’s discuss What is Pakistan Army? When it came into existence and how many troops are currently serving in it.

What is the Pakistan Army?

The Pakistan Army is the land warfare uniformed branch of the armed forces of Pakistan. It came into existence on 14 August 1947 as Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. It has a very special place in the military forces of Pakistan because it has served the Nation at any time of need. It has a little connection with pre-1947 British Indian colonial policy and military experience of the Indian Army. It has about 550,000 troops and around 500.000 reserves, 185,000 National Guards, 6599 Civilian Personnel, and 316 manned aircraft. Its headquarters is located in GHQ Rawalpindi.

Pakistan Army Ranks List 2024

Here is the list of Pak Army Ranks:

Pakistan Army Pay Scales & Ranks with Order
Ranks Pay Scales
Field Marshal: BPS- Apex scale
General: BPS- Apex scale
Lieutenant General: BPS 22
Major General: BPS -21
Brigadier: BPS- 20
Colonel BPS- 19
Lieutenant Colonel BPS-18
Major BPS- 18
Captain BPS -17
Lieutenant BPS-17
2nd Lieutenant BPS-17
Subedar-Major BPS- 16
Subedar BPS- 15
Naib Subedar BPS -13 or 14
Battalion Havaldar Major BPS-11 or 9
Battalion Quartermaster Havildar BPS 11 or 9
Company Havildar Major BPS 11or 9
Company Quartermaster Havildar BPS-11 or 9
Havaldar BPS- 7 or 8
Naik BPS-7 or 6
Lance Naik BPS- 6
Soldier BPS-5

Motto of Pakistan Army:

The main motto of the Pakistan Army is Jihad to fight for the prosperity of Islamabad in the way of Almighty and have fear of Almighty Allah and taqwa. Defence day is celebrated on 6 September. It has fought a number of wars and defeated the enemies with great sand bravery. Following are the wars which are properly fought at borers such as 1947 AND 1965 Pak – Indo War, 1971, Pak Liberation War.

Pak Army Ranks, Badges, Grades, Salary / Pay Scale 2024

So as Pakistan is playing its role from the beginning till today its services are remarkable they never ever care for their lives and shed their blood for their nation and save their world from terrorism and for that, they are struggling day and night without any rest.

Pak Army Operations in Pakistan:

The operation ZARB-E- AZB was started on 15th June 2014 and launched in North Waziristan and till today it’s going on. Mainly this operation was started by some different groups including Tehreek-e- Taliban, Lashkar-e- Jhangvi, Al Qaeda, Haqqani networks, and so on. During this operation, soldiers killed many places of terrorists and cleared the areas by drone attacks, and destroyed ample of terrorists belonging to different groups which trained individuals to attack the targeted place and also guided them to do self-suicide attacks in order to kill the humans and they are own self also.

Wartime Gallantry Medals:

Wartime gallantry medals are awarded to military personnel for their bravery and self-sacrifice in war against the enemy. Such medals are awarded for actions that go above and beyond the normal call of duty, and that involve a high degree of risk or personal danger to the officer. Following are the Wartime gallantry medals awarded in Pakistan.

  • Nishan-e- Haider
  • Hilal-e-Jurat
  • Sitara-e-Jurat
  • Tamgha-e-Jurat
  • Imtiazi Sanad

The words in praise of our remarkable Army never end because its service is tremendous and great and are written in history and remembered by all of us.

Ranks and Badges of the Army:

Ranks of Pakistan are allocated in two different categories such as Officers Ranks starting from Field Marshal to Second Lieutenant and Non-Commissioned Officers starting Subedar-Major / Risaldar-Major to Sepoy/Soldier and there are some other ranks from Battalion Havildar Major to Company Quartermaster Havildar which can be examined from the following.

Commissioned Officers Ranks:

In the Pakistan Army, the commanding officers are known as Commissioned Officers. Initially, an individual was selected as Second Lieutenant, and year after year on the basis of knowledge and battlefield experience it was promoted to Lieutenant and so on to Field Marshal. From the following, you can examine the exact rank and pay scale of Pakistan Army Commissioned Officers.

Pakistan Army Ranks
Here is the list of Pak Army Commissioned Officers Ranks List

Commissioned Officers Ranks
Nato Code Name
OF-10 Field Marshal
OF-9 General
OF-8 Lieutenant General
OF-7 Major General
OF-6 Brigadier
OF-5 Colonel
OF-4 Lieutenant Colonel
OF-3 Major
OF-2 Captain
OF-1 Lieutenant
OF-D & Students Unknown

Non-Commissioned Officers Ranks/Badges:

The following list is provided for the Non-Commissioned Officers and it starts from the Lance Naik towards the Subedar-Major / Risaldar-Major. Initially, individually appointed as a Sepoy in the Pakistan Army but after 2 to 4 years of service, it promoted to Lance Naik and became a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Pakistan Army. So, examine the following image to understand the order of a Non-Commissioned Officer.

Pakistan Army Ranks
Here is the list of Pak Army Non-Commissioned Officers Ranks List

Non-Commissioned Officers Ranks
Nato Code Name
OR-9 Subedar-Major / Risaldar-Major
OR-8 Subedar / Risaldar
OR-7 Naib Subedar / Naib Risaldar
OR-6 Havildar
OR-5 No Equivalent
OR-4 Naik
OR-3 Lance Naik
OR-1 Sepoy

Other Ranks in the Pakistan Army:

There are some other ranks that are appointed by the senior Havildars such as starting from Company Quartermaster Havildar, Company Havildar Major, Battalion Quartermaster Havildar, and Battalion Havildar Major. The ranks/badges for these positions can be examined from the following image.

Pak Army Badges Rank with Orders

Pak Army Salary / Pay Scale in 2024:

Salary / Pay Scale offered by Pak Army
Rank Basic Pay (PKR)
General 250,000
Lieutenant General 200,000
Major General 150,000
Brigadier 120,000
Colonel 100,000
Lieutenant Colonel 80,000
Major 60,000
Captain 50,000
Lieutenant 40,000
Second Lieutenant 30,000
Warrant Officer Class 1 25,000
Warrant Officer Class 2 20,000
Junior Warrant Officer 15,000
Staff Sergeant 12,000
Sergeant 10,000
Lance Corporal 9,000
Corporal 8,000
Sepoy 7,000

These are the pay scales of Army members as per the information provided at Wikipedia in which all categories are mentioned in ascending order and sequence all these officers follow all the rules and regulations of their seniors in a proper way. We are proud of the Army.

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    Please tell me how I can cancel my registration for Junior Commissioned Officer. The reason of cancellation is the I am not able to reach for test tomorrow.So please help me how I can cancel my registration which I have done at last night.

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    i want to join pakistan army as a captain i have done my f.s.c what requirments plzz tell me?

    1. Mahnoor says:

      All the details are lying in the post when u go through the post u will get each and every point.

    2. Faraz says:

      You cannot join for long course.

    3. Atta Rehman says:

      you cannot join as captian. you to clear you issb for taking regular commission as leautinent. for as a captain you have to bsc in engineering (in signals or eme as u like) but then you will not be a regular commission officer

    4. sikandar says:

      u should hav bchlr degree

    5. Mr Army says:

      You have to complete graduation if you want to join

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    I hope some one hear me?
    I want to join Pak army as a lieutenant through soldier.
    i’m joining army as a soldier and after that i want to apply as a lieutenant i have D.A.E Diploma.
    Is it possible any one here to tell me?

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  9. Ehsan Khan says:

    The pay scales of Pakistan Army are listed below:

    Field Marshal : BPS- Apex scale

    General : BPS- Apex scale

    Lieutenant General : BPS 22

    Major General : BPS -21

    Brigadier : BPS- 20

    Colonel : BPS- 19

    Lieutenant Colonel : BPS-18

    Major : BPS- 18

    Captain : BPS -17

    Lieutenant : BPS-17

    2nd Lieutenant :BPS-17

    Subedar Major : BPS- 16

    Subedar : BPS- 15

    Naib Subedar : BPS -13 or 14

    Battalion Havaldar Major : BPS-11or 9

    Battalion Qaurtermaster Havaldar : BPS 11 or 9

    Company Havaldar Major : BPS 11or 9

    Company Quartermaster Havaldar : BPS-11 or 9

    Havaldar : BPS- 7 or 8

    Naik : BPS-7 or 6

    Lance Naik : BPS- 6

    Soldier : BPS-5

    These are the pay scales of Army members in which all categories are mentioned in ascending order and sequence wise all these officers follow all the rules and regulations of their seniors in a proper way. We are proud of Army .

  10. Nauman Ajmal says:

    this is incorrect
    Lt Col 19
    Col 20
    Brig 21
    Maj Gen 22
    Lt Gen Adn Gen apex Scales

    1. Ali Hassan says:

      thanks, do u know the pay scale of PAF’s too? commission and non-commission ranks. e.g junior technician (J.T), corporal technician, senior technician etc etc..

      thanks in advance

      1. lazy says:

        AC (Air Craft Man) BPS-5

        SAC (Senior Air Craft Man) BPS-5

        JT (Junior Technician) BPS-5

        Cap (Corporal Technician) BPS-6

        Snr. Tech ( Senior Technician) 11 or 9

        Chief Tech (Chief Technician) – This rank no more using
        AWO (Assistant Warrant Officer) BPS-13

        WO ( Warrant Officer) BPS-15
        CWO (Chief Warrant Officer) BPS-16

        1. SaadShahzad says:

          Hi My height is 5.2.5 almost 5.3 and i Am very intelligent and a studennt of i.com part 1 so after I.com and with the height of 5.3 will inbe eleigible ?

    2. soldier says:

      no, lt col is 18 scale and col is 19. This page explains them properly: https://soldiers.pk/pakistan-army-salary/