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Pakistan Army Ranks and Badges, Salary / Pay Scale Information 2018

Pakistan Army: The Pakistan Army is one of the meritorious and brave land force of the armed forces of our dear homeland Pakistan came into existence on 14 August 1947 and has a significant place in the military force of Pakistan. It has a little connection with pre-1947 British Indian colonial policy and a military experience of Indian Army. It has about 550,000 troops and around 500.000 reserves bringing the total to 1,142,000 troops. Pak Army’s headquarter is located in GHQ Rawalpindi. The main motto of Pakistan Army is Jihad in the way of Almighty and only fear from Almighty Allah and taqwa. The defence day is celebrated on 6 September. It has fought number of the wars for the sake of his beloved country and defeated the enemies of his homeland with a great sand bravery. Pak Army takes part in all kinds of wars from the beginning such as 1947 AND 1965 PAK- INDO WAR, 1971, PAK LIBERATION WAR. So as Pakistan is playing its role since the beginning till today its services are remarkable they never ever care for their lives and shed their blood for their nation and save their world from terrorism and for that, they are struggling day and night without any rest.

The operation ZARB-E- AZB was started on 15th June 2014 and launched in North Waziristan and till today it’s going on. Mainly this operation was started by some different groups including Tehreek-e- Taliban, Lashkar-e- Jhangvi, Al Qaeda, Haqqani networks and so on. During this operation, soldiers have killed many places of terrorists and clear the areas by drone attacking and destroyed ample of terrorists belonging from different groups which give training individuals to attack the targeted place and also guide them to do self-suicide attacks in order to kill the humans and they are own self also.

Pakistan has received a number of the awards for his services and accomplishments which includes Nishan-e- Haider, Sitara-e-Jurat, Hilal-e- Imtiaz, Tamgha-e- Imtiaz and many more awards. The words in praise of our remarkable Army never ends because its service is tremendous and great and are written in the history and remembered by all of us.

Ranks and Badges of Army:

The ranks of Pakistan Army concerned with the British Army Ranks structure. Lieutenant Colonel and below officers wear the title of their respective profession and service whereas Colonels wear badges of their respective rank.

Pakistan Army Ranks and Badges, Salary / Pay Scale Information

Officer Rank In Pakistan Army:

  • Field Marshal: 5 stars
  • General: 4 stars
  • Lieutenant General :3 stars
  • Major General: 2 stars
  • Brigadier: 1 star
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • 2nd Lieutenant
  • Junior Commissioned Officer Ranks:
  • Subedar-Major
  • Subedar
  • Naib Subedar
  • Non – Commissioned Officer Ranks:
  • Battalion Havaldar Major
  • Battalion Quartermaster Havaldar
  • Company Quartermaster Major
  • Havaldar
  • Naik
  • Lance Naik
  • Soldier

Pay scales:

  • Field Marshal: BPS- Apex scale
  • General: BPS- Apex scale
  • Lieutenant General: BPS 22
  • Major General: BPS -21
  • Brigadier: BPS- 20
  • Colonel: BPS- 19
  • Lieutenant Colonel: BPS-18
  • Major: BPS- 18
  • Captain: BPS -17
  • Lieutenant: BPS-17
  • 2nd Lieutenant: BPS-17
  • Subedar Major: BPS- 16
  • Subedar: BPS- 15
  • Naib Subedar: BPS -13 or 14
  • Battalion Havaldar Major: BPS-11or 9
  • Battalion Quartermaster Havaldar: BPS 11 or 9
  • Company Havaldar Major: BPS 11or 9
  • Company Quartermaster Havaldar: BPS-11 or 9
  • Havaldar: BPS- 7 or 8
  • Naik: BPS-7 or 6
  • Lance Naik: BPS- 6
  • Soldier: BPS-5

These are the pay scales of Army members in which all categories are mentioned in ascending order and sequence wise all these officers follow all the rules and regulations of their seniors in a proper way. We are proud of Army.

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