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Pakistan Air Force – PAF Ranks, Salary and Badges

Pakistan Air Force – PAF Ranks, Salary and Badges

Today’s topic is related to PAF Ranks and Salary where as Badges and Pay Scale Information differed according to position, here we’ll discuss Pak air force Ranks, Badges, Salaries & Pay Scale of Flying Officers, Squadron Leaders, Chief Warrant Officers, Flight Lieutenant, Airmen,  Commissioned Officers, Junior Commissioned Officer, Non Commissioned Officers and Civilians.

PAF was initially established with the name of The Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) on 14th August 1947 with the independence of Pakistan from British India.

RPAF began its services with 2,332 personnel, a fleet of 24 Tempest II fighter-bombers, 16 Hawker Typhoon fighters, two H.P.57 Halifax bombers, 2 Auster aircraft, twelve North American Harward Trainers and ten de Havilland Tiger Moth biplanes. It also got eight C-47 Dakota cargo planes which it used to transport different supplies to soldiers fighting in the 1947 War in Kashmir against India.

It is the complete list of jets and air force staff that was allotted by British India at the time of independence. After this PAF started its proper journey and initially it started with 7 operational airbases all over the provinces.

Pakistan Air Force has proved itself in different Wars and Operations such as 1965 Indo-Pakistan War, 1971 Indo-Pakistan War, 1979 – 1988 Soviet-Afghan War, Operation Chengiz Khan, Operation Tight Screw, and Operation Zarb-e-Azb. There are different Medals which was awarded to officers who led their life for Pakistan in different Operations and here is the list of Gallantry Awards as Nishan-i-Haider, Hilal-iJurat, Sitara-i-Jurat, Tamgha-i- Juran, Imtiazi Sanad and here is the list of Non Operational Awards such as Sitara-e-Basalat, Tamgha-e-Basalat, Tamgha-i-Khidmat Class I, II, III and here are some Civil Military Awards such as Nishah-i-Imtiaz, Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Sitara-i-Imtiaz, Tamgha-i-Imtiaz and Tamgha-i-Khidmat.

In the above, we put a glimpse into the history of the Pakistan Air Force from which you can examine that from the time of its establishment it has proved itself in every field it is all due to the passion of Pakistani Nationals who always desire to Join PAF to serve the nation by heart and soul. Currently, there are a total of 06 Degree Colleges, 18 Intermediate Colleges and 01 Model School, a total of 27 institutions working with 444366 students, 2486 teaching staff, and 1110 non-teaching staff.

In the above, we discuss the History and Institutes of PAF and after that, we are now going to discuss PAF Ranks and insignia because most of the users usually search about it for the sake of knowledge, PAF offers handsome salaries and fringe benefits to its officers and civilian staff, so you can join PAF for more opportunities.

PAF Ranks/Pay Scale/Insignia

PAF Ranks and Badges Order

The Ranks of the Air Force are primarily based on the Royal Air Force rank structure, firstly PAF officers’ ranks were set as per the British rules and after that on 05 July 2006, it was set again in Turkish Style. Now in the following, you’ll have a complete list of PAF Officers Ranks from top to bottom such as from Marshal of the Air Force to Aircraftman.

PAF Officer Ranks/Insignia

  • Marshal of the Air Force (5-Star)
  • Air Chief Marshal (4-Star) / Pay Scale APEX
  • Air Marshal (3-Star) / Pay Scale 22
  • Air Vice-Marshal (2-Star) / Pay Scale 21
  • Air Commodore (1-Star) / Pay Scale 20
  • Group Captain / Pay Scale 19 / 2 Golden Stars above Cresent Moon & star in Bracket
  • Wing Commander / Pay Scale 18 / 1 Golden Star above Cresent Moon & star in Bracket
  • Squadron Leader / Pay Scale 18 / Cresent Moon & star in Bracket
  • Flight Lieutenant / Pay Scale 17 / 3 Golden Stars
  • Flying Officer / Pay Scale 17 / 2 Golden Stars
  • Pilot Officer / Pay Scale 17 / 1 Golden Star

PAF Junior Commissioned Officers Ranks/Pay Scale/Insignia:

  • Chief Warrant Officer / Pay Scale 16 / 1 Golden Eagle / 1 Star in Bracket / Pink-White Stripe
  • Warrant Officer / Pay Scale 15 / 1 Golden Eagle / 2 Star / Pink-White Stripe
  • Assistant Warrant Officer / Pay Scale 14 / 1 Golden Eagle / 1 Star / Pink-White Stripe

PAF Non-Commissioned Officers Ranks/Pay Scale/Insignia:

  • Senior Technician / Pay Scale 12 / 1 Red Eagle & 3 White Stripe
  • Corporal Technician / Pay Scale 11 / 1 Red Eagle & 2 White Stripe
  • Junior Technician / Pay Scale 10 / 1 Red Eagle & 1 White Stripe
  • Senior Aircraftman / Pay Scale 9 / 1 Red Eagle & 3 Wings
  • Leading Aircraftman / Pay Scale 8 / 1 Red Eagle & 2 Wings
  • Aircraftman / Pay Scale 7 / 1 Red Eagle

PAF Officer’s Salaries:

  • Officer Ranks estimated Salary Rs. 200,000+ PKR.
  • Junior Commissioned Officer estimated Salary Rs. 85,000 to 175,000 PKR.
  • Non-Commissioned Officer estimated Salary Rs. 35,000 to 75,000 PKR.

PAF Salary / Pay Scale in 2024:

Salary / Pay Scale offered by PAF
Rank Basic Pay (PKR)
Pilot Officer 85,000
Flying Officer 95,000
Flight Lieutenant 105,000
Squadron Leader 140,000
Wing Commander 175,000

Every year Government of Pakistan announces increments in the budget of Pak defense, whereas PAF also covers this budget. If you are looking for a detailed Analysis and audit of the Pak Defence Budget, you have to look into Official stats.

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  1. Junaid Haleem says:

    Sir I have done F. Sc with 79% marks in pre-medical.
    Can I be selected as GD Pilot in PAF.

  2. Muzammil Javed says:

    Sir! What is the rank of the Air Defence officer?

  3. Muhammad Usman says:

    Sir,I want to become wing commandor or squadron leader.What can I do for this?

  4. Mik says:

    Paf gc ki salary kitne hoti hai

    1. Ahmad says:

      Pehly hi salery ka socho gy to mulk ki hifazat kese karo gy

    2. Mudassar Manzoor says:

      Paf. Gc nai Ac hota ha. Aviation cadet bro. Salary mil jaigi aapko agar rakh lia to. Dua karo. Mulk k lia apko. Chun lia jai

  5. Momina Nasir says:

    As a girl, I got 85% (3 as) in my As and will inshallah get similar grades in a2. what are the chances of me getting in to the officer ranks? What’s the course of action and the minimum salary?

    1. Syaamkhan says:

      U can easily join paf as an officer in medical officer,account and admin officer

  6. Hassan says:

    Sir Fsc ma 59 percent marks PAF ya pak army as caption apply ho saktay … Agr nai tu aga kia education karni chaya join karnay ka lia ..

  7. Ali Raza says:

    Sir i want to join paf pilot as a officer rank and i am in second year and my first year result is 62.4 percent

    1. tabeed ali says:

      very good son.. keep working hard…

  8. Muddassir shah says:

    Sir I have done my matrix with A grad fsc with 2nd division bechlor with 2nd division and master in English. Can I apply for short service commission as education officer? Reply must thanks sir

    1. Mahnoor says:

      Its upto the course and requirements.

  9. irsa khan says:

    Is there any female course admission opeen in PAF?

    1. NaeemKhan UsafXai says:

      Hey yeah recently there are open vacancies for both mal and female

    2. Rahat says:

      Open in February

  10. Naveed Siddiqui says:

    Respected Sir,
    can we join PAF direct officer rank? if yes then what is eligibility criteria

    1. saleem says:

      for joining PAF as an officer you will apply according to the advertisement published in the NEWS papar then you will underho an initial academic and intelligent test. After succeeding in the test you will be called for ISSB. After seccessful completion of ISSB you will be called for final (CMB complete medical board) and interviw and at the last final call letter.

    2. Rahat says:

      Yes you can join direct fsc with 60%