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How to Join Pak Army as a Doctor / Officer 2023 | www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk

How to Join Pak Army as a Doctor / Officer 2023 | www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk

Here at this page, we’ll share with you information about How to Join Pak Army as a Doctor / Officer 2023 | www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk. Every year huge number of students complete their MBBS degree from different medical universities of Pakistan and most of them rush towards Pakistan Army because it is the best place to serve the nation because in Pak Army they have to treat the soldiers and other army officers and all these officers get wounds in fighting against the enemies of Pakistan and indirectly by serving soldiers/army officers doctors are saving the nation because if soldiers are strong at the border then we are save in Pakistan.

Pak Army announces different job opportunities for the Doctors almost 3 to 4 times in a year and those who are always connected with the News Paper get the advertisement but those who are not used to the newspaper don’t get any information about job advertisement and if they get advertisement from any source then they don’t know the proper way to apply for the vacant position.

So, to resolve this problem we have developed this page where you’ll not only information about joining Pak Army as a doctor but also you’ll have latest job advertisements related to Medical Field. So, All you have to do just examine the following page carefully and apply accordingly.

Current Jobs in Pak Army:

Eligibility Conditions:

Well, in the following we are going to discuss the eligibility conditions, that in which circumstances candidates are eligible to apply for the Pakistan Army and how they can perform their duties and how they can serve the nation as Doctor or an Officer. Each and every point is discussed in detail that you can easily understand that whole criterion about the joining of the Pak Army. So, read it carefully and make your dreams come true about to be a Pak Army officer.

Category of Selection:

Here we share with you the basic category of selection in which you can apply to join Pakistan Army as a Doctor / Officer. In the following you will have the main category of selection and further will you also have the classified specialists in which you can also apply under the main category of selection.

  • General Duty Medical Officer (GDMOs) as Captain (Male / Female)

Classified Specialists Specification as Major:

In the above, we have mentioned the basic category of selection in which you can apply to join Pak Army, but here we are going to share with you the further classified specialists in which you can also apply. Many of the candidates are MBBS qualified but they choose one the classified field in medicine and in that field they make themselves a specialist. So, here we are going to discuss those classified specialists in which you can also apply under the basic category of selection mentioned above.

  • Anesthesiology (HPG)                   (Male / Female)
  • Pathology (HPG)                              (Male / Female)
  • Radiology (HPG)                               (Male / Female)
  • Basic Medicine Sciences                (Male / Female)
  • Gynecology (HPG)                           (Male / Female)

These are some of the Classified Specialists Specification as Major in which you can also apply and this makes very easy for candidates to choose the basic field in which they are specialist /  in which field they can perform better. So if anyone of you comes varies any of these classified specialists should apply to join Pak Army and serve the nation.

  • Candidate must possess qualification MBBS recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).
  • Candidate with one of the following qualifications can also apply such as MBBS with higher Postgraduate qualifications i.e. MRCOG, FCPS (Pak), FRCS, MS American Boards / Certificate or equivalent in the respective field of Specialty.
Required Age:

In the following, we are going to discuss with you that in which age candidate is eligible to apply for the Pak Army.

  • 28 Years – Relaxable up to 35 Years in case of better qualification/experience on the recommendation of the GHQ Selection Boars.
Marital Status:

Under this heading, we going to discuss the marital status of candidate, that in which status candidate is eligible to apply for the Pak Army as Doctor / as Officer.

  • Male                      Married / Unmarried
  • Female                 Married / Unmarried / Widow

Well, a candidate in any marital status can apply for the Pak Army that both married and unmarried candidates can apply for the Pak Army but for females, there is one condition that if any female is Widow, so she can also apply for Pak Army for any of the above-mentioned categories.

  • Candidate must be a Citizens of Pakistan.
  • Such candidate is also eligible if he has domicile of Azad Kashmir / Gilgit Baltistan.
  • If any of the candidates have dual nationality, so he has to surrender nationalities other than Pakistani.
Physical Standards:

Complete information about physical standards is given below for both male and female candidates, in which information about height and weight is given for both male and female candidates.

Minimum Height:
  • Male Candidates                              5’. 4” (162.5 cm)
  • Female Candidates                         5’. 2” (157.5 cm)
  • As per the Body Mass Index.

Ineligibility Conditions:

In the above, we discussed the eligibility conditions. So, now here we are going to discuss all the points related to ineligibility conditions. That in which circumstances candidate is not eligible to apply for the Pak Army or how a candidate can be eliminated from the selection procedure. So, read the ineligibility conditions mentioned below.

  • If any candidate is twice rejected by GHQ Selection Board for SSRC is not eligible to apply for Pak Army (but if any candidate having higher qualifications shall be granted additional third chance).

If any candidate is declared medically unfit by concerned CMH / Appeal Medical Board, is not eligible to apply for Pak Army.

  • Such person is not eligible if he or she withdrawn/ resigned/discharged from Armed Forces such as (Army, Navy and Air Force), training academies/institutions on the grounds of discipline, character, medical inefficiency and weak profile or declared unsuitable.
  • If any candidate is dismissed or removed from any other government service will be not eligible to apply for the Pak Army.
  • If any candidate convicted by a court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.

Registration Procedure:

Registration Procedure to join Pak Army is given below, there is not any other way of registration rather than of given below.

  • Candidate can register himself online using the internet, and after registration, the complete schedule of the test will be sent on candidate’s email account.
  • The other way of registration is that candidate can appear physically in AS&RCs selection center along with all relevant documents and prospectus fee.

How to Join Pak Army as a Doctor / Medical Officer 2023

How to Join Pak Army as a Doctor / Officer

For Online Registration: Click Here

Selection Procedure:

The Complete Information about the selection procedure in detail is given below in different steps, that you can understand it easily.

  • The First step of the selection procedure is based on written test and Intelligence / Personality tests based on multiple choices.
  • In the Second step selected candidates from Preliminary Tests will appear for initial medical test at AS&RCs.
  • In the Third step selected candidates from AS&RCs will be called for Interview by GHQ Selection Board at Quetta, Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar.
  • In the Forth step selected candidates from GHQ Selection Board will appear for the medical examination at nearby CMHs.
  • In the Fifth and Final step selection will be made at GHQ on the basis of a candidate’s overall performance.

Training Period:

After the selection procedure, selected candidates will appear for the training period whose detail is given below.

  • 22 weeks training at PMA and AFPGMI for male and female candidates respectively.

Documents Required:

Complete information about the documents required at AS&RCs is given below, in which complete information about the required documents is given that which document is necessary to provide at AS&RCs.

  • Original certificates / detailed Marks Sheets along with two attested photocopies of each educational certificate/degree/diploma.
  • Two attested photocopies of registration certificate of PM&DC for GDMOs.
  • Two attested photocopies of house job certificate if already done.
  • Candidates serving in Govt. Institutions / Departments will render No Objection Certificate of the concerned Establishment.
  • Attested photocopy of domicile.
  • Photocopy of Computerized National Identity Card.
  • 6 x coloured photos duly attested (front and back).
  • A crossed postal order of Rs.100.00 in favour of Director General Personnel Administration (DGPA), GHQ Rawalpindi.

Job Agreement After Selection:

After the complete selection procedure, finally selected candidates will sign an agreement to serve the Pakistan Army for a minimum time period of 5 years. The applicability of agreement will commence on successful completion of basic military training at AFPGMI Rawalpindi and PMA Kakul.

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    Thank you

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