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How to get Umrah visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan cost & details 2024

How to get Umrah visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan cost & details 2024

As we all know that Umrah is one of the best worship of Almighty Allah and is performed in Saudi Arabia number of the peoples perform Umrah in every month and its duration is not fixed it’s one’s own desire and choice how many days one wants to stay over there.

So I am going to tell you about the information of its visa application that how to apply, what is the procedure and what are documents which are necessary to be submitted. In Saudi Arabia many agencies are set up which are dealing with the Umrah performance Pakistan is nothing to deal with it.

In Pakistan there are sub agents which are running the agencies which are under the Saudi Government which look after the performance of Umrah and its arrangement. These agencies are approved by Saudi Arabia as well as Ministry of Religious Affairs and government of Pakistan. 

How to get Umrah visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan cost & details 2024

From Pakistan (Karachi , Lahore , Islamabad)

Package Details Double Bed Triple Bed Four/Five Bed Sharing
15 Days Package
06 Nights Makkah  & 08 Nights Madinah
PKR 46,000 36,500 31,500 29,000
21 Days Package
08 Nights Makkah & 12 Nights Madinah
PKR 58,000 44,500 37,500 34,000
25 Days Package
10 Nights Makkah & 14 Nights Madinah
PKR 66,500 50,000 42,000 37,000
Extra Night Charges
Makkah / Madinah
PKR 2,520 / PKR 1,765 1,680 / 1,165 1,260 / 875 980 / 700


Umrah visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan cost & details


  1. Four copies of photographs size 4px by 6px with blue background, and ladies with scarf as Saudi Arabia’s requirements.
  2. National identity card
  3. Passport validity should be at least 8 months along with two blank pages.
  4. “B” Form of children
  5. Health Certificate


  • Now application form which one have to get from agency are submitted to recognized agencies in Saudi Arabia for approval from the Ministry of Hajj and then submitted to that respective agency of Pakistan.
  • After that the agency will give information about the date of his/her journey.
  • Arrangements of tickets, hotels, transportation from airport MAKKAH to MADINA are responsibility of that agency. Now I am going to share about the cost package of UMRAH:

Terms and Conditions:

  • All rates are per person basis and packages no airline ticket charges are included.
  • Air cost ranges start from PKR 42,000 to PKR 75,000.
  • Documents should be submitted one month before departure.
  • Any unused portion of package service will not be refundable.
  • In case of any delay in booked dates of travelling and hotels charges applied by the vendor will be payable by customer.
  • Rates are subjected to change without any prior price.
  • Airline meals and tickets are not included in this package.
  • Self- accommodation is not allowed.
  • Only those ladies passport will be accepted whose relation with Mahram are clear on passport.
  • So these all are the details about applying for UMRAH VISA.
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  1. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Sir i am Leving In Turky now i prayer omra 10 days

  2. Haider says:

    I live in Europe & I have European passport ,can I go in umrah from Pakistan ?

  3. umrah says:

    dear sir السَّلَامُ علیکم وَرَحمَۃُ اللّٰہِ وَبَرَکَاتُہ وَمَغْفِرَتُہ
    i want to go perfomr the Umrah for 21 days what i s the process and what ido
    how many charges. please tell me .the const of umrah process.with best regards. mahmood ali form lahore.

  4. allah ditta says:

    my umra ki price k bary my janna chata hn

    1. Mahnoor says:

      Within post sb kuch mujood hai ap prh len aur prices different hoti hai as Hajj Policy chnage hoti rehti hai.

  5. syed says:

    photo size 4Px by 6 px what does this mean
    would someone tell me the photo size for the visa for umrah from Pakistan in cm or inches

  6. Asim Khadim says:

    I come to know that the Ummrah Rule has been changed by the Govt.. If someone has already offered Ummrah then next time he/she must have to pay additional Rs 60000/- as a Tax to Govt… Please give me reference link if it is true, Thank you

  7. Mehfooz Ali Abro says:

    When will visa opens for umrah

  8. Tahir says:

    When will umrah visas open after Hajj. Any expected date?

  9. fayyaz ahmed ghouri says:

    november 2016 umrah recovest hai plz