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Top Ten Richest Countries in the World 2024

Top Ten Richest Countries in the World 2024

The world is changing and moving fast day by day and daily new inventions and innovations are developing in the world which is influencing the world and are embracing the world with a number of the things. So here I am going to discuss those richest countries which are rich all over the world due to their infrastructure and occupation. These countries fulfill their needs and demands within seconds because of having enough amount to full fill their needs.

Let’s have a look on the richest countries of the world:


The country which is listed on the 1st number as the riches country is located in Southwest Asia and is the capital of Doha, it covers an area of 11,586 sq km. The country is full of natural resources like oil, natural gas, and fish which full fill the economy of this country. The real GDP of this country is divided into 3 major sectors namely agriculture 0.1%, industry 72.2% and Misc. services 27.7%. These all thing are also categorized in subcategory and are having a number of the sub-categories which are serving in the economy of this country.


Luxembourg is a small country which is European county and is bordered by Germany, Belgium, and France. It covers the total area of about 2,586.4 km2 179th 998 square miles. The country is having business men who have raised the country and made it rich. That’s why the country is ranked on 2nd number.


The country is located in the island city of south of Malaysia. The country is quite good and richest country and is one the 3rd number in the list. The country is the main business center of the world that’s why it is the richest country in the world.

Rich Countries in the World

Top Ten Richest Countries in the World 2024 with Complete Detail


The country is the capital of OSLO and is one of the 4th richest countries in the world. The economy of a nation depends upon the oil, fish, minerals, hydro powers and farming items also, because of this the country is quite rich.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong city is located in the south-east of China. It’s the global center of farming and business that’s why it is ranked as a 5th richest country in the world.


Brunei is located on the north cost island of Borneo in South East Asia. The capital of this country is Bandar Seri Begawan. The country is rich because of having natural resources of gas and petroleum and is considered as the richest country in the world.

United States of America:

The capital of United States of America is Washington D.C. The economy of this country is based on business and strong political system and the export of goods is the main source of income of this country that has made this country highly efficient and richest country.

United Arab Emirates:

The capital of United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi and the country is one of the leading countries and has a source of income oil and petroleum which make the country to full fill all the demands and the country is free from corruption that’s why it is ranked in the richest country in the world.


The country is European country which is located in the mountainous areas and the country is financially stable because it has resources of huge investment all over the world on larger scale and the main source of income is banking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics and so on that’s why it is ranked as the richest countries in the world.


The Arab country Kuwait is located in the Persian Gulf and the capital of Kuwait is Kuwait city and the country is ranked on the 10th number. The income of this country is based on oil resources and foreign exchange rates also.

So this is all about the world’s richest countries and their economic dependence that how they are categorized as top ten countries of the world.

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