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Private Education Vs Government Education in Pakistan

Private Education Vs Government Education in Pakistan

The word education is literally meant to be well ho know and knowledgeable about worldly affairs, moral values, manners, and all the steps which are required to be educated. Actually when we talk about it seems to all of us a minor thing but being educated and utilizing that education properly build the whole personality of a person and make us differ from a layman. Now here I am going to discuss the issue of private and government studies in Pakistan where if we through light on these both sectors so there is a huge difference in both of these sectors. Let’s discuss the discrimination of these sectors and their education.

Difference between private & Govt Education Institutes Students

Private Sector Education:

First of all, I would like to explain the major points all over here in order to know how private-sector education differs from Government education.

  • As we have seen so far in private schools and institutes there are strict rules and regulations
  • Private schools are run by private companies and have exorbitant expenses only elite class people afford its education.
  • Full attention is paid to each and every individual during studies.
  • Private institutes are having complete feasibilities which are needed by the students.
  • Most of the private institution course structures are based on British Education System.
  • All the private schools are English medium and not in all private institutions but in several, they have a strict rule to speak and write in English.
  • In private institutes, the teachers are responsible, punctual to their duties, and teach and give proper time to each and every individual equally.
  • Salaries of various private educational institutes are good that depends on the qualification of applying teacher and on experience all things are finalized on the basis of merit.
  • With respect to time, each and every schedule is settled for teachers as well as for students.
  • Parents’ meetings and other co-curricular activities are organized for students in order to watch the performances of students.
  • Attendance is also considered mandatory.

Government Sector Education:

Now next I am going to tell you about the government educational institutes.

  • Government educational institutes are run by government fund which is not provided by the institutes properly because of corruption and millions of children remain uneducated and suffer.
  • Government educational institutes have somewhat strict rules otherwise quite poor and deteriorate condition is seen.
  • No kind of fee is paid by the students.
  • Government institutes are best for mediocre and poor class people.
  • There is no punctuality in teacher and teacher are not responsible for time and rest of the things.
  • All the staff of government always suffered from the recklessness of teachers and in this way only poor children suffer and a teacher gets their salaries without giving any knowledge.
  • There are co-curricular activities are also performed for students but not any parents meetings.
  • Salaries are paid by Government to the faculty either they teach or not.
  • The time is fixed for off and coming time.
  • Cheating is all over same in both sectors but in selective institutes of both private as well as government.
  • Students are also given money and get free books from the government.

This is all about the discrimination of government and private education institutes which are having merits and demerits on their behalf because perfection is not so easy to be stabilized.

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