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NTN Number Search Online Verification FBR Application & Registration Form

NTN Number Search Online Verification FBR Application & Registration Form

Here we discuss about NTN Number Online Verification Application & Registration Form for FBR & SRB and NTN number is compulsory for every individual, AOP and company of Pakistan. In the following we’ll provide you complete information in detail as per the rules of Pakistan Customs that how to verify NTN Number by company name or through CNIC and here at this page of our website we’ll provide you this facility that here you can apply for NTN number, You can verify NTN number online and NTN Application form too. Read the following instructions carefully in which you can clear your concept about NTN number and further procedure.

FBR NTN Online Search

In Pakistan most of us don’t know their NTN number and if we explore it we get it that NTN Stands for National Tax Number and on the base of this NTN number we pay our tax according to our income, property and etc. At the time of some documentation inquiry we need to know our NTN number and for this should concern it to our Finance Person or FBR or SBR Department. Now a days FBR department has made it very simple that by staying at your home you can get your NTN number in Pakistan and you can also verify your NTN number and you can easily get NTN application form.

Apply For NTN Number:
Now you can apply for NTN number by stay at your home all you have to do just visit following link given below and apply for NTN number and get it easily.

  • You can apply for NTN number via online or via submitting application form in the FBR office and you can download FBR Registration form official site of FBR or through web link given below.
  • For online registration visit the following link given below and you’ll have Taxpayer Registration Application Form.
  • Select the Application Type such as “New Registration” or “ST FED Registration”.
  • Select Taxpayer Type such as “Individual”, “AOP” or “Company”.
  • Fill the following information according to Taxpayer Type and click next for further procedure.
  • After completing registration procedure FBR will provide you NTN number on which you have to pay your tax.

Apply Online For NTN Number: Click Here

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Online NTN Verification System:
you can verify online your NTN number at the official site of FBR, all you have to do just visit following link given below. After visiting following web link you’ll have searching criteria of FBR where you can verify your NTN number. At searching criteria in the search Parameter you have to select your category such “NTN/FTN” / “STRN” / “CNIC” / “Passport N.” or “Reg. / INC. No.”. After selecting your search parameter you need to put your NTN Tax Number in the very next box and then click on “Search” button and soon within few seconds you can check your NTN Number. Visit the following link given below.

For Online NTN Verification: Click Here

FBR Federal Board of Revenue Helpline Numbers

Islamabad Lahore Karachi
Regional Tax Office, Plot No. 20, Mauve Area, G-9/1 Islamabad.

Ph: 051-9070000
Email: [email protected]

Incharge NTN Cell,
1st Floor, Billaur Palace,Mcleod Road, Lahore.Ph # 042-7312732
Incharge NTN Cell,
3rd Floor, Income Tax Building, Shahrah-e-Kamal Attaturk, Karachi.Ph # 021-9211330 / 021-9211068
Fax # 021-9212534
Sukkur Multan Faisalabad
Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor, Income Tax House, Queens Road, SukkurPh # 071-9310149
Fax # 071-9310148
Incharge NTN Cell,
56, Tariq Road, Income Tax House, Multan.Ph # 061-9201101
Fax # 061-9201102
Incharge NTN Cell,
Second Floor, Income Tax Building, Opp: Allied Hospital, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.Ph # 041-9210310
Fax # 041-9210126
Gujranwala Sialkot Peshawar
Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor, Income Tax Buildig, G. T. Road, GujranwalaPh # 055-9200797
Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor, Income Tax Building, Katchery Road, SialkotPh # 052-9250430
Fax # 052-9250429
Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor, Regional Taxpayer’s Office ( RTO’s), Income Tax Building, Jamroud Road, PeshawarPh # 091-9206091
Fax # 091-9206092
Quetta Hyderabad Bahawalpur
Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor, Income Tax Office, Spinny Road, QuettaPh # 081-9202185
Fax # 081-9201376
Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor, Income Tax Building, Civil Lines, Hyderabad.Ph # 022-2782961 / 022-2782962
Fax # 022-9200205
Incharge NTN Cell,
Computer Center, 32-C, Near H.B.L, Model Town-A, Shabbir Shaheed Road, BahawalpurPh # 062-9255280 / 062-9255281-83
Sahiwal Sargodha Rawalpindi
Incharge NTN Cell,
Income Tax Complex, Canal Colony, SahiwalPh # 040-9200089
Fax #040-9200180
Incharge NTN Cell,
Pral Regional Tax Office Unoversity Road SargodhaPh # 048-9239082
Incharge NTN Cell,
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