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How To Get Jobs In Telecom Sector, Make Career In Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong & Warid

How To Get Jobs In Telecom Sector, Make Career In Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong & Warid

Telecom industry is in progress from few year back and has made remarkable progress in this field. Formerly this field was not so much famous but nowadays the demand for this field has increased because users of cellphone has increased to a greater extent.

Nowadays engineers are required for this field and most of the institutes are offering telecom courses and education courses to the students. Actually this field telecom function is to provide communication by means of telephones, telegraphs, radars, radio, navigation ads and so on.

They deal with the wireless or wired devices to transmit the signals and also deals with the various sort of switching system.

How To Get Jobs In Telecom Sector, Make Career In Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong & Warid

There are few areas in telecom engineering are as follows:

  1. OSP Engineers
  2. RF/WL Engineers
  3. ATM/Sonnet Engineers
  4. Network Engineers
  5. Transmission Engineers
  6. AV Engineers

Now I am going to define those fields of telecom which are offered to students and are totally associated with telecom engineering.

  • Satellite Communication
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Optical Fiber and Phonetics
  • Mobile Satellite Communication
  • Data Networks
  • Data coding, compression, encryption and transmission
  • Software system including e- commerce
  • Microelectronic devices and systems
  • Real time embedded system

After completing the courses students can find jobs in various sectors which I am going to mention below:

  • Communication/signal processing company e.g DSP design and implementation, cellular mobile, RF planning , Broadband system, Migration from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4g communication.
  • Electrical and electronic industry
  • Aerospace and defense industry
  • Teaching career in university
  • Pursuing a PHD research, Engineers can apply in multinational companies such as PTCL, Mobilink , Telenor, Warid , Zong , Nokia, Siemens, Ericson, Pakistan Atomic Energy, NDC, Air weapon and NESCOM etc.

Now after that I am going to mention about the telecom sector of Pakistan.

The telecom sector has 3 categories:

Operators: We have six operators:

  1. Ufone
  2. Warid
  3. Mobilink
  4. Telenor
  5. Zong
  6. PTCL

Vendors: Operators hire a network and vendors install the telecom equipment on operators call site. Here is the list of vendors which are working in Pakistan.

  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Nokia Siemens Network
  • Ericsson
  • Motorola
  • Alcatel

Sub cons: Now vendors hire sub cons which have majority of work to do. Here is a list of sub cons which are working in Pakistan:

  • Netcom
  • Tire-4
  • Ace Works
  • Celeros
  • Dancom
  • Apollo Telecom
  • Myson
  • And many other sub cons are working in Pakistan.

After reading and getting all this information one must be aware of getting job in this sector of telecom. So for getting job in such sector there are some detail information and requirements.

Firstly students must be educated from a famous and high class university or institution and have completed the degree with proper skills.

If a student is having  good contacts and reference will be given a good job if a students is not having this so he/she have to start from an entry test and work as an internee in the company to learn the tactics.

When one is working as an internee so he/she must drop their CV’S in various telecom fields.

One can start the job from a sub con by dropping his/her cv there and don’t think at that moment about salary but try to learn steps of this organization and field.

In the beginning salary will be from 10. 000 to 20,000 RS but gradually it will increase but for increment one have to struggle a lot and should learn from seniors all the steps and techniques of this field very carefully.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying In Ufone, Zong and PTCL:

Applying in UFONE:

  • Candidate must be graduate and post graduate from any recognized university and must have experience in this field.
  • Applicant must acquire a good financial status which will donate money in networking and sales department.

Applying In ZONG:

  • Student must be graduate and post graduate and have experience in relevant field, and have a CGPA of 2.7 or 70 %marks.
  • Maximum age of a candidate at the time of hiring should be 26.
  • For business graduate MBA finance, HR department, Marketing or relevant equivalent degree is must.
  • For IT Computer Science/ Engineering and Graduates minimum qualification of BCS/BIT/BEE is preferred.
  • Graduate must not have experience of more than one year.

Applying In MOBILINK:

  • Student must be graduate or will be having a bachelors complete degree is eligible to apply along with experience.
  • The application forms are available online one can easily fill and submit the form online.

Applying In PTCL:

  • All the candidates are supposed to submit their CV’S online and register also. Applicant must be holding matric, intermediate degree or graduation diploma from any recognized institute.
  • Candidate must have obtained at least 60% marks in the last board exams.
  • Documents which are required for submission includes:
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Enrollment card of schools or colleges with the exam board and copy of recent passed exam slip duly signed by principal.
  • Mark sheet of last board exams.
  • Copy of last paid bill PTCL or Electricity.
  • Optional documents includes:
  • Copy of CNIC parents/guardian.
  • Photograph of student.
  • Bank statement and salary slip of parent’s income.

So these are the eligibility criteria for applying in telecom sector.

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