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Education’s is The Building Block of Man’s Life

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Education the word which seems to be easy in saying and we hear this word daily in our life chores but whenever we come to a stage of getting education we pass through rough and tough paths in order to get success and achieve education with keen interest. Some people consider is education really important? My answer to that question is definitely yes, even though some people may not realize it first .Imagine that no one can read or write, can’t make change or count money even we can’t tie our shoelaces. Living a civilized life is impossible plus future of a person which include a good job , enough money for survival and a person can’t be able to support his life and can’t pursue his dream of becoming whatever they want to be in future. It’s a worn out idea than education is a source of earning money actually this misconception has removed now in this modern era by increasing the demand of education. Actually education is an act or a process of imparting knowledge developing the powers of reasoning and judgement and generally preparing yourself for intellectuality of life. Through education the knowledge of society, country and the whole world is passed from one generation to another generation and are supposed to be learn how to be an efficient and active citizen. In order to ameliorate the amenities of education it includes several things which are considered as building block of man’s life and those things include awareness education not only gives us knowledge it aware us about living style it teaches us manner and etiquettes that how to be a well behaved person it entirely make us different form a lay man.

The knowledge which we derive from books can be practices practically to know about realities of life. It builds up our whole personality and a man acquire great status in society and respected   everywhere. It opens the door of employment for everyone and makes a person responsible . A well educated person is not hesitant while talking he is quick witted  because he has ocean of knowledge which helps the person to speak fluently by doing this a person gets attention of everyone towards himself and  other highly appreciate that person.

This proves that education plays a vital role in enhancing man’s  whole personality and in this modern world a man is recognized only by education it has become the identity of a person and it is considered third eye. The progress of a person depends upon education, it makes us creative in every field and beside this it gives us vision to think and explore new things .Getting education is an onerous task because it requires great efforts and its paths are quite tough in order to get education  we have to burn the mid night oil and have to work like trojan for achieving the goal of life. All I have to say it deal with the whole personality and with all aspects of a person’s life and enhances our personality and bring the best in our ways .

Seek education not to be rich but seek it to be a civilized person because one who become civilized through education and possess knowledge is actually a real and rich man.

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  1. waseem says:

    education is the key to success