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Social media platforms down in Pakistan (FB, Youtube, X)

Social media platforms down in Pakistan (FB, Youtube, X)

Islamabad: Social media platforms, like YouTube and a site that used to be called Twitter, are not working in Pakistan. People in big cities are saying it’s hard to use these online talking spots. It seems like something went wrong, and people can’t get on these websites in different parts of Pakistan.

On Sunday night, the internet watcher Netblocks said that all over Pakistan, people were having trouble using social media like X, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This happened during a big online meeting by the PTI party.

Before the PTI meeting started at 9 pm, many folks in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad found it hard to get on social media. Even the internet was slow for some people. PTI leader Taimur Jhagra noticed the internet trouble during the online rally.

The PTI party said they expected this to happen. But the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) didn’t say anything about it.

A lawyer, Jibran Nasir, criticized this and said it’s crazy to mess with the internet just to stop the PTI’s online rally. Activist Usama Khilji also spoke out against stopping people from getting information online.

This isn’t the first time; back in May, during Imran Khan’s arrest, internet access was restricted. Pakistan was even ranked third in the world for putting internet restrictions during the first half of 2023, according to a report by Surfshark.

They said Pakistan was only behind Iran and India in stopping people from using the internet. Asia had the most cases of internet shutdowns.

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