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NTS GAT Not Mandatory For MPhil & PhD, LHC Orders

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Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) conduct by National Testing Service (NTS) for the admission in MPhil and Ph.D. There is good news for the those students who appear for GAT tests by NTS, that they can pas GAT tests for M.Phil and Ph.D admissions in any university in Pakistan. Earlier, every student who wants to have admission in M.Phil and Ph.D, first had to pass the GAT conducted by NTS, but now student have to pass the entry test of the university and there is no involvement of NTS is required anymore. This is a very great relief for all students that they are far from GAT tests. According the details given to the HEC by the Lahore High Court dated 11th October, 2014 and 25th October, 2013 in pursuance of written petition No. 28028/2011 entitled, ‘Miss. Syeda Anam Ilyas VS Dr. Haroon Rashid’ that HEC issue notice to all universities about the relief announced by Lahore High Court for the students about the admission of M.Phil and Ph.D and also asked many questions about this announcement that they suggest about the testing body, nature of and scope of the test or this relief can regulate like the announcement under the ordinance?
HEC issued notices to all the Vice Chancellors, Rectors and heads of the degree awarding institutions to submit their suggestion in written before 13th December, 2013 date for the next hearing. 16 representatives of various big universities submit their suggestions in written based on this that “It is therefore, clarified that universities and other educational institutions are not bound to subscribe to the entrance examinations / test conducted by NTS. It is also an admitted position that NTS has not been approved by HEC to act as a Testing Body under the Ordinance”.

The students and number of teachers admired the decision of LHC about giving the authority of entry test to all universities for the admission of M.Phil and Ph.D. As, now NTS is out for the admission of M.Phil and Ph.D, so now universities have to set their own standards for new admissions and this bring us a latest trends by the LHC.
itna kafi hy???

1) Copies of Lahore High Court, Lahore Orders dated 11.10.2013 and 25.10.2013 passed in written petition No. 28028/2011 entitled, “Miss. Syeda Anam Ilyas vs Dr. Haroon Rashid” etc are enclosed. The Lahore high Court, Lahore have issued directions to HEC to issue notices to the representative of Universities soliciting their response to the questions raised by the court before the next date hearing.

2) The question raised the Honourable High Court on the issue are as under:

  1. What is the nature and scope of a “testing body” envisaged in Section 10 (1) (n) of the Higher Education Commission Ordinance, 2002 (Ordinance).
  2. What are the nature and scope of service to be rendered by the said testing body?
  3. What is the scholastic capacity required of such a testing body?
  4. Can HEC regulate any such body under the Ordinance?
  5. Should there be on testing body or more?
  6. What should be the legal status of the entity constituting the testing body?

3) The representative of the universities and institutions who have already appeared and made their submission on the above questions shall place the same in writing in honourable Lahore High Court, Lahore before the next date of hearing fixed for 13.12.2013. Copy of the replies so furnished may also be endorsed to the HEC well before the date of hearing fixed for 13.12.2013.

NTS GAT Not Mandatory For MPhil & PhD, LHC Orders

NTS GAT Not Mandatory For MPhil & PhD, LHC Orders

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  1. Mohammad Baig says:

    The BOL TV should have talked about the NTS looting in the name of higher education and employment for the youth in the country.
    The NTS registered with the SECP, 10 years back as an NGO for facilitation in the educational sector did not have the legal right to conduct any sort of testing or pre- qualification examinations of both the students for higher education or the youth unemployed in the country.
    Unluckily, but with the kind consent and maneuvering of the HEC the NTS got recommended in the government, semi government and the private sector as the (legitimate institution) to conduct the pre- qualification tests or the testing for going for higher education or for the jobs in both the government ,semi government and the private sectors.
    According to the latest investigation the NTS had never any legal authority or the mandate to do such a lucrative business and haunt the poor student or the unemployed in the country.
    Disinterestingly, how a nonsense and a dirty approach was applied for the students in the country that the M.Sc, students going for M.Phil or the Ph.D, were asked by the partner universities to go for GAT (graduation assessment testing.
    The universities despite knowing that the students passing their earlier examinations through properly and having degrees of the concerned universities did not need such a procedure for higher education and demanding for such a testing is illegal and violation of one’s basic rights and totally negation and refusal of earlier education, systems of education, syllabus of education, procedure of teaching, procedure of examination and passing the examinations after studying for a certain time period,2 years,3years or the 4 years in the universities or the colleges and then having the honourable degrees, the ultimate and the legitimate evidence of one’s qualification which cannot be denied, or devalued even from the same university or the institution.
    Since one has passed his/her examination no one can challenge his/her competency or the potential or the ability or the talent and demand him/her for another exam for prequalification or testing for going for higher education or for the jobs.
    Earlier in all the government and the private sector institutions there were the set procedures and the staff/expertise to just confirm that the candidate could be placed at what status.
    It did not mean to reject or negate or challenge the qualifications of an individual but just have a nice boy or the girl for the said job so he/she could run and manage it nicely and according to the said/prescribed procedures or the rules of business of the institutions.
    And if any institution ever had the right to negate the validity or the authentication of the certificates/diplomas or the degrees it would challenged the concerned institutions and their legal status/authentication for having passed the candidates and honouring them the degrees, a legitimate and an honourable evidence of one’s qualification.
    It is unimaginable to a common man that how the HEC invented such a idea for benefiting it’s (off the record) partners without the prior permission of the cabinet division or the ministry of law or the ministry of interior or the law and justice commission of Pakistan whereas no such a bill was tabled in the parliament or the senate nor before the ljcp.

  2. MS NAEEM says:


  3. kaleem says:

    lhc k decesion ko nts ny hawa mn ura dia s bar gat general bhi conduct kia hey nts ny r gat subject k lye add bhi a gia hey shedule k mutabik ,,,,,,,hmesha ki takat walun ny court k faislon ko ksi khatir mn nhn laia bht afsos hey

    1. Aysha says:

      Yes it is really sad… LHC declares NTS as illegal body. But still universities (LCWU, UCP, UET etc) are requiring GAT (General and Subject Tests) for Mpil and PHD admissions respectively.
      Universities say that they have not received any notice from HEC or from court. So they still need these tests because it is HEC admission criteria.

    2. Mubashar says:

      that is true Court must issue Contempt of Court notices to universities

  4. mansoor ahmed says:

    very good decion.weldone would be applicable immediately.

  5. hasnat says:

    how to prepare for it can you give some instruction regarding this test???????????

  6. Shafquat Khokar says:

    Universities status give constitutional rights to universities themselves to conduct their own tests for entrance to MPhil & PhD admissions… NTS is nothing accept a factory machine sucking the blood of unemployed students since its inception. Dr. Atta u Rehman, Dr. Suhail H Naqvi, & some corporate academician at private disposal gave NTS test necessary for admission to various university programs to exploit more the needy and poor students throughout the country… Giving NTS this status is extra-constitutional & Dr. Atta u Rehman, Dr. Suhail H Naqvi & other others culprits should be taken responsible for their dishonest act/crime… It is a case of extreme corruption at Higher Education level in Pakistan in which the than HEC head & its team are responsible. It is better to term it academic corruption.

  7. Gul says:

    this is good news, coz the NTS is a business, logo k pass rupay nai hotay har test attempt karnay keley

  8. Abd Ullah says:

    Elimination of NTS will bring what ?

  9. javed says:

    GAT not manI never saw ppl like u all who r running behind the FAKE news….do u have any evidence? …. This case is still with LHCdatory for MPhil

  10. Asad says:

    I think this is a bad news. If you failed a university entrance exam, you’ll have to wait for an entire year to get the admission in the same university. While if you fail a GAT, you can pass it in subsequent try, as GAT is conducted 4-5 times a year. So you have 4-5 Opportunities to pass it.

    1. Musa says:

      Yeah i agree with you .. that was not a good step.. but most of the students happy on this act… Best of Luck..

    2. jalwa Shah says:

      It is a happy and great news for poor and unemployed youth of Pakistan. NTS charging too high charges and in many cases its transparency is a question mark

      1. Jalwa Shah says:

        morever NTS authorities treated unlikely students from out of punjab

    3. Tahzeeb says:

      As far as I know and my personal experience is, there is always a departmental entry test and then an interview even if you pass GAT, so in both ways you will get one chance per year for any university to get admission, isn’t it?

      1. shahida says:

        it is really good news ,gat was not the criteria to judge the aptitude of any candidate in the relevent subject,

        1. anam imtiaz says:

          its a very good news ar plz university k test ko b khatm kia jaye

          1. ABDUS SUBHAN says:

            university test plus academic marks %age and only 5%marks for interview be the set criteria for admission

          2. Abdus Subhan says:

            university entry test for admission to M Phil & Ph- D be cosiderd sufficient