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NTS GAT General Schedule 2023

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National Testing Service has announced NTS GAT General Schedule 2023 and every applicant should follow the schedule given below for the GAT (General) test for 2023.

Here at our website, we’ll provide you the information related to NTS here you can get a Candidates List for every test and after every test, candidates can get accurate Results by visiting our site. NTS GAT (General) schedule has been announced by officials of NTS and there will be a total of 5 GAT (General) test is going to conduct this year by NTS the first test is going to held on 11th January 2023 and all those candidates who wanted to apply for the GAT (General) test should submit their applications through courier at the NTS office which is located at Islamabad, before the last date of submission mentioned at the Registration Form.NTS GAT General Schedule

A complete NTS GAT (General) schedule has been announced officially online, whereas GAT General Test is required to have admission to any university in Pakistan and every year a huge number of students use to appear for this test National Testing Service performs a brilliant role from the application collection procedure to the result announcement.

Applicants may prepare an online test for the NTS GAT (General) test by visiting our site we’ll provide you with a short test just according to the pattern of NTS, which would help you to pass your GAT (General) with a high percentage. After the NTS test candidates can have answer keys for every test and also exact and accurate results too by visiting our site, we’ll provide you the result just according to the schedule announced by NTS. All you have to do is just keep visiting our site for further updates related to NTS.

NTS GAT General Schedule 2023

Sr# Test Date Announced Date Last Date Slip Date Result Date
1 Sunday, 15 Jan 2023 Tuesday, 20 Dec 2022 Monday, 02 Jan 2023 Monday, 09 Jan 2023 Monday, 23 Jan 2023
2 Sunday, 12 March 2023 Monday, 13 Feb 2023 Monday, 27 Feb 2023 Monday, 06 March 2023 Monday, 20 March 2023
3 Sunday, 14 May 2023 Monday, 10 Apr 2023 Tuesday, 02 May 2023 Monday, 08 May 2023 Monday, 22 May 2023
4 Sunday, 18 Jun 2023 Friday, 26 May 2023 Sunday, 11 Jun 2023 Tuesday, 13 Jun 2023 Monday, 26 Jun 2023
5 Sunday, 16 Jul 2023 Monday, 12 Jun 2023 Monday, 26 Jun 2023 Monday, 10 Jul 2023 Monday, 24 Jul 2023
6 Sunday, 10 Sep 2023 Tuesday, 15 Aug 2023 Monday, 28 Aug 2023 Monday, 04 Sep 2023 Monday, 18 Sep 2023
7 Sunday, 05 Nov 2023 Monday, 09 Oct 2023 Monday, 23 Oct 2023 Monday, 30 Oct 2023 Monday, 13 Nov 2023
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    Fmdc islamabad may test k leye dakhelay kb shoroo hoongay

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    i want admission mphil in islamicstudies but in nts has mathes eng and analitacal els islamayat

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