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BZU Multan Ph.D Program Admissions Open 2014

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Admissions are open in Bahauddin Zakariya University for Ph.D. Programs in various different departments like that Pharmacy, Physics, Mathematics, Botany etc. The Criteria for Ph.D. Programs is this that the Applicant must have MS/M.Phil or equivalent degree in the similar subject from a recognized University with 1st Division. Applicants can get Applications forms from the branches of Habib Bank Ltd. and United Bank Ltd. on payment of Rs. 500/- in the favour of BZU Multan. Interested candidates can submitted your applications along with academic documents to following address latest due date, Please keep visit this website for latest updates.

Last Date for apply: 14th January 2014
Contact: 061-9210071-74

BZU Multan Ph.D Program Admissions Open 2014

BZU Multan Ph.D Program Admissions Open 2014

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