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Jobs in Jamshoro | Latest Jamshoro

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Population: 993,142 (2017) | Area: 11,517 km² | Postal Code: 76090 | Province: Sindh

Jobs in Jamshoro | Latest Jamshoro |

Jamshoro is the city of Province Sindh Pakistan and here you’ll get Jobs in Jamshoro 2020-2021. It is located on the right bank of river Indus. This city is home to highly educated and affluent people. Ranikot is a fort in Jamshoro district which is known as the great wall of Sindh and is said to be world’s largest fort in Sindh. Recent research shows that Jamshoro has 80% literacy rate. Three well known universities are present here. This city is sometimes referred as Holy Land. The city that open thousands doors of success for the pioneers i.e University of Sindh, Mehran University of IT, and Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences are prominent. Number of schools and colleges are present, that’s why it is called educational city. Agriculture is main source of income here. The climate is normal in this city but northern part becomes very hot in summer, while in winter it is simply cool.

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