Friday, 21st June, 2024
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Job Advertising Pricing

Basic Job Hot Job Premium Job
Job Validity
Display Job ad for days
3 Days 10 Days 30 Days
Job Exposure on Homepage
Display Job ad on HomePage
1 Day 5 Days 15 Days
Job Ad Priority
Hot Jobs are displayed above Basic Jobs whereas Premium Jobs are displayed above Hot jobs
Low Medium Highest
Banner Advertisement
Display a small banner on the website

(5 Days)
Job Email
Jobs distribution to subscribers

Only Once

Multiple Times
Job Notifications
Jobs distribution to through push notifications

Only Once

Multiple Times
Job Sharing on Social Media
Jobs distribution on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Insta

Only Once

Multiple Times
Post with an external link
Advertisement Image
We will create for you an advertisement image

Application Form
We will create for you an application form to download

Company Page
You will get a company page on the website (
Video Creation
We will create a video for the job, in which we will teach how to apply for this job on youtube
Company Verified Badge
Company badge that will describe your authenticity

T&C Applied
PKR 35,000/- PKR 55,000/- PKR 85,000/-

Multiple Job Post Discounts: 3 to 4 Jobs – 10% | 5 to 9 – 20% | 10 to 19 – 30% | 20 or more – 40%