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jobs in Jobs in Kallar Kahar | Latest Kallar Kahar

Jobs in Kallar Kahar | Latest Kallar Kahar

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Population: 169,660 (2017) | Area: 830 km² | Postal Code: 48530 | Province: Punjab

Jobs in Kallar Kahar | Latest Kallar Kahar |

Kallar Kahar is the town and subdivision of Chakwal district and is located in the province Punjab, Pakistan and Jobs in Kallar Kahar 2020-2021 are provided below. It is situated 25 km away from Chakwal district and 125 km away from Rawalpindi. Kallar Kahar is famous for its Kalar Kahar lake, its peacocks and for Takht-e- Babri which was the flat stage was made where Babar used to address the army. On the other hand, the lake has salty water and this lake is a beautiful resort for sightseers. The educational institutes are set up also in this district and they are well-known institutes where quality education is given to individuals. The leading personalities of this district mostly Awan’s and is considered as the home to Awan.

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Bestway Cement Limited

Apprenticeship in Bestway Cement FULL_TIME

Chakwal, Kallar Kahar