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jobs in Jobs in Taxila | Latest Taxila

Jobs in Taxila | Latest Taxila

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Population: 677,951 (2017) | Area: N/A | Postal Code: 47080 | Province: Punjab

Jobs in Taxila | Latest Taxila |

Taxila city is located in the Rawalpindi district in the province Punjab, Pakistan and Jobs in Taxila 2020-2021 are given for the job seekers of this district. Formerly the city was known as “CITY OF CUT STONES”. The city is situated 31 km and on 3604 km to the northwest of Rawalpindi. It’s among the seven Tehsils of Rawalpindi district. The recorded history of this city started from 6th century. Punjabi language is the main language and Urdu and English are understood and spoken there also. The culture of this city is influenced by Punjabi culture and traditions and is also the site for archaeological center especially of Buddhaism. The statues of great personalities are found in this city. The city has well planned educational institutes and buildings around it. The city is extremely famous for its handicrafts and industries are famous in Pakistan. It’s the fairly educated city and is known as the center of learning. Industries include ordinance industry, Cement industry, small cottage industry for stoneware, foot ware is also present. Jobs regarding this city are advertised on print media as well as on internet websites for unemployed individuals.

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