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quote Messenger (PBUH) has told us that closer to the last day, time will pas by faster and faster, a year will feel like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day and a day like an hour.
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Jobs in Haripur | Latest Haripur

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Population: 1.003 million (2017) | Area: 1,725 km² | Postal Code: 10101 | Province: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Jobs in Haripur | Latest Haripur |

Jobs in Haripur 2020-2021 Latest Advertisement are available for Haripur which is the main city of district Haripur and is located in the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. The city consists of 37 union councils and many tribes are living in this city. The foundation of this city was laid by Sikh General Hari Singh Narva in 1822. The official language of this city is Hindko and Urdu is almost understood and spoken everywhere. A number of the important and well-known personalities belongs to this city. The city is quite green and is rich in vegetables and fruits which serve as a base market for rest of the other cities which are linked with it. The well-known universities are present in this city and are quite famous.

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